Thursday, July 28, 2011

Urns 'R' us!

This place is near my friend Eugene, and it always cracks me up. "Funeral Friends"... just what sort of friends are they? Do they always wear black?  And every time I drive by, the sign never changes. Caskets are perpetually up to 60% off! 

It's a tidy little place and were I in the market for a casket, I'd drop in! I'm sure they don't rip you off the way funeral homes usually do.

Reminds me of my Dad and his cemetery jokes. Whenever we drove by one, he'd say "Dead centre of town!" and I'd say "People are dying to get in there!" Ar ar ar.

And the #1 search keyword for my blog remains... PRICKLY CUCUMBER!


  1. Prickly cucumber? Is it a reference to those little prickles on freshly harvested cukes that need to be brushed off?

  2. Is Prickly Cucumber the Google search that brings people to your blog, or is it the term most searched for on your blog?

    Either way, huh?

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Probably my fault. I've been searching far and wide for a prickly cucumber. (Not for me, you understand, but for a friend. Well, a former friend actually. Big sharp strong prickles preferred.)

  4. I'm curious about the Funeral Friends. Just what are they "undertaking" here? And are you really sure they won't R.I.P. you off?

  5. Anonymous11:00 am

    Ha! The number one search term for my blog is "old lady in thong." Maybe she should get together with your Prickly Cucumber. Uh, oh...did I say that?

  6. Ahab, it's actually a wild cucumber that grows in Ontario:

    HWB, uh, yes...

    Andrew, I think it's best if I just back away slowly from that comment. HAHAHAHA!

    Evlyn, you're killing me here. Excellent puns!!


    You did say it, and I'm glad. HiLARious!!


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