Friday, July 08, 2011

Cat Berries

Naomi likes to lounge on my lap when I get up in the morning. Today she was sharing space with my breakfast, a bowl of strawberries with yogurt and a little of my basswood honey from last year. At first she was nonchalant...

But then she turned around. She likes to lick out my yogurt bowl when I'm done!

Note the slightly maniacal look in her eyes!

Strawberry season is still going on here, and I just can't get enough of them. Local berries are SO much better than the tasteless pseudo-berries shipped here during the off-season.

And look what I found in the duck house:

I hope somebody gets broody and hatches some of these!


  1. Cats, strawberries & fresh eggs - good way to start your day. I would love to see some baby ducks. Here's hoping.

  2. No point eating forced fruit out of season. The straberies on sale here in winter are disgusting

  3. Naomi obviously has good taste (both in the people she lives with, and the food she likes)!

  4. Can you freeze whole summer berries for the winter? I also gave up on the off season ones.
    Great job, Naomi! Knat, you don't even have to wash the plates with a helpful cat around....Just make sure you eat what they like.

  5. Yes, that IS a Maniacal Look. I see those quite a bit; sometimes in the mirror as well, heh heh.

  6. As soon as Tux hears the spoon hit the bowl - he's in my lap waiting for the left over cereal milk - and not always patiently

  7. I experimented with planting a few strawberries this year. With the unseasonably cool weather it looks to be a short growing season. However, Mike and I split 1 strawberry for dessert a couple of nights ago. Made the store-bought crap taste like, well, crap.

  8. Deb, life on the farm is pretty good! I'm crossing my fingers for baby ducks at some point.

    Jams, out of season strawberries (ours come from California for the most part) are just tasteless!

    Evlyn, Naomi is a princess, pure and simple.

    Claude, you can, and I do! And the dogs would love to help wash plates, if only I'd give them the chance.

    Katnip, she looks slightly cross-eyed, she's so crazed for yogurt. And yes, I see it in the mirror too!

    Wandering Cat, Tux is a smart kitty!!

    CogDis, I have strawberry plants in my garden, but I need a fence around them as the damn dogs keep helping themselves. They're eating my saskatoon berries too! My strawberries are the sweetest of all.

  9. Nov. 17 2009 - the last picture should be on your header. Just sayin'

  10. Great way to start your day! Love your p.j.'s with the little stars on them :)

  11. Deb, that's my Charlotte, currently on the porch "hospital." :)

    Vanilla Bean,the top has a black sheep and a white sheep!


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