Friday, July 01, 2011

Sushi, anyone?

Sweet Sushi that is! My Mom-in-law is visiting from Toronto and she brought us these yummy little delights:

"Sweet Sushi by Jessica", and very delicious. Instead of rice, she uses Rice Krispies. The "ginger" is chips of tinted white chocolate, the "soy sauce" is chocolate sauce, and the "wasabi" is icing. 

Very creative and very tasty!

Today is Canada Day up here in the Great White North, our 144th birthday! We're taking Mom to the parade in the nearby small town of Alexandria, and tonight we are having friends over for a barbecue. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate.

Have a good weekend, and happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks.


  1. Now that is totally the kind of sushi I would want to eat!

  2. Happy Canada Day to you Natalie & Gord. I'm looking after a cat named Gord. :)
    Have a wonderful celebration. Hugs

  3. Bonne Fête Canada!

  4. Now this is my kind of Sushi! Happy Canada Day Natalie. Enjoy the celebrations!

  5. Rice crispy treat sushi? BRILLIANT! I love the concept.

  6. Anonymous9:05 am

    That looks fantastic! Rice krispie treats are so versatile.

    When my daughter was in middle school she was required to build a volcano showing all the layers of strata. While most students built theirs out of the traditional salt clay, we built hers out of rice krispie treats. It was the coolest!

  7. I agree, this is my kind of sushi!! I'm not too keen on raw fish, but if it's rice crispies, yes!!! Count me in!

  8. Wandering Cat, I love real sushi but this stuff was great too, and very pretty! And allegedly not very caloric!

    Deb, happy Canada Day. I love that there's a cat out there named Gord!

    Oui Claude!

    Paula, hope you had a good C-day!

    Ahab, they were so cute and surprisingly tasty. I got hooked on the chocolate-drizzled ones.

    CogDis, a Rice Krispie volcano? That's fantastic!

    Razz, who wouldn't love these? (Well maybe if you have a rice allergy...)


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