Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pariah Chicken

Poor Charlotte (my favourite and most cuddly chicken!) Ever since her recent stay on the "front porch chicken hospital", she has been the coop pariah. Her health is improved after her course of antibiotics and she is laying great eggs, but her comb is still floppy. Her head is bald because of all the nasty chickens and amorous roosters!

Cupcake, who is now apparently channelling her inner rooster, jumps on poor Charlotte as much as the boys do! I may have to change Cupcake's name to "Butch." Even Chicky the runt has been picking on Charlotte. Fortunately Charlotte is smarter than your average chicken and has found refuge on one of the ceiling beams in the coop. She hangs out up there with her friend Ellie. When I let the chickens out for a little while this evening, poor Charlotte headed for the woodshed and got up high where the others couldn't find her...

She always wants to jump up on my shoulder these days. She seems to know that I'll protect her from the others. I sat out behind the barn for half an hour with her tonight, giving her the cuddles she seems to enjoy...

No clue what Sophie was looking at in the background! Probably a rooster gang-bang that was going on around the corner.

My velcro-dog Tristan was close at hand.

The rest of the feathered crew was sauntering around enjoying the fresh air.

Poor Charlotte, I wish they'd quit picking on her. Next I'll be buying her a diaper and making her a house chicken! I do feel a bit like a falconer these days. When I go into the coop, Charlotte will look desperately up at me, pondering how best to get to my shoulder. I've taken to holding out my forearm like a perch, and now she just jumps or flies right up onto it!

I am hoping that when we introduce the chicks (I know, I haven't posted pics for ages. They are getting big!) to the rest of the flock, they'll be a distraction and will shake up the pecking order so this nonsense stops.

Meanwhile, I am getting prepared for ducklings in a couple of weeks. We need to sort out another duck shelter and segregation for mama and babies. Here's Eugenia giving me the evil eye. She's so protective of her eggs. What a little sweetie!

And I have not mailed out Hen Haiku contest prizes yet, but I PROMISE I will soon!! I have just been swamped with work, beekeeping stuff, gardening stuff, chicken and duck stuff, helping my mother-in-law-buy-a-bungalow-near-us stuff, and a bunch of other things. I haven't even gotten out in my kayak this summer, something I hope to rectify by Monday! 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Things are just ducky here, ar ar ar.


  1. I love your chicken and doggie and duck pics. Has Charlotte ever pooped on you when she's sitting on your shoulder like that? My birds love to be held and cuddled and pet. I never knew chickens were so friendly. I believe that any animal would be friendly if they were loved and treated well. How is Chicky these days? I have so been meaning to tell you about my Lucy... Lucy was naked. Really naked, tore up bad from the roosters. And then she went broody for a month. She was still naked, and just looked horrid with just her few back feathers all puffed up like a broody hen. And then her broodiness broke and she molted and grew in beautiful new feathers. She is the prettiest hen now! I wonder if she'll molt again this autumn with everyone else- probably not - her molt time is off. She runs by her own clock.

  2. Your house/coop is like Peyton Place, I swear!

  3. I want you to take Charlotte into the house right now and set her a place at the table. Poor Charlotte. What the heck is with roosters, anyway? That one needs to be neutered.
    I have never seen a chicken show affection before. Quite amazing to see. Keep us posted.

  4. Poor Charlotte getting bullied like that. So long as she doesn't go postal on the other hens

  5. You know, know one believes me when I tell them chickens like to cuddle. Now I have proof!

  6. You look good wearing Charlotte.

  7. Lynn, she never poops on me! AMazing, really.

    Chicky is still looking like crap, but she's apparently moved up the pecking order, given how she's been beating on poor Charlotte! Really we need to ditch a couple of roosters. We'll see if the six new chicks help things when they move into the coop in a month or two. I'm glad Lucy is doing so much better! Do you have pics on your blog?

  8. Katnip, it absolutely is. And growing up in suburban hell, I had no idea there was so much SEX and intrigue on a farm!!!

    Deb, I'm ready to take her in the house. She's a sweetie. I'm sure the cats would be fascinated. I have a few affectionate chickens but Charlotte is the one who really seeks it out and seems to want to be held.

    Jams, she is a gentle spirit so I hope she doesn't go postal. She does at least have her friend Ellie hanging out with her in the rafters!

    WanderingCat, they can indeed be cuddly! :) She reminds me of the budgies I had in childhood. She likes scritchies on her head and under her chin.

    Fran, why thank you! Hen as fashion accessory!


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