Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deck resident

Every summer, I have a resident on my deck. Can you see him here, amongst the perennials I bought to plant in my garden? Look closely!

There he is!

Mr. Toad. Or maybe Mrs. or Ms or Miss! I seem to end up with a toad snoozing in the flowerpots on my deck every summer. This is quite a big fat specimen.

Speaking of specimens (but this one is fluffy, not fat...)

Julius does not make it easy to work sometimes!


  1. All creatures, great and small, know they have a haven with you.
    What a lovely spot for Mr. toad!

  2. That's his job and he's mastered it, I see. Cute toad.

  3. We see a distinct resemblance!

  4. Ah now there is a fine resident for any decking!

    I see Julius knows his plce too!

  5. What a clever toad, hiding in a plant pot where there will be lots of flying insects for his (or her) dinner.

  6. I often wonder about the summer critters, buzzing, jumping, flying, all around us...Then the great silent winter sleep! Where do they go?

    Is this the Facebook Julius? He does need the computer to write all those lovely posts. Maybe he should have one of his own?

  7. Elisabeth, he's in that pot every day! I'm not sure what to do... I wanna plant my perennial.

    Deb, he's a toad on a mission.

    Katnip Lounge, to me or to you? ;)

    Jams, that he does!

    Evlyn, I found another one hopping across the front deck tonight, chasing bugs.

    Claude, he lies to help me write. He is my muse!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!