Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday our Toronto friends Kevin and Greg dropped by and  we all went up to Vankleek Hill to the Vert Fourchette (which used to be Mary's Kitchen.) I LOVE the food here.

Gordon and I had both the Buffalo chicken sandwich with rosemary garlic frites and aioli mayo...

 Chicken with "Buffalo wings" barbecue sauce, blue cheese and onion. SO GOOD!! All warm and melty and yummy. Please don't tell the hens what I had for lunch. I really need to go vegetarian.

Kevin had a chicken mango wrap with salad, and Greg had a crunchy chicken walnut wrap with the divine frites.

As well as being a restaurant, they sell lots of gourmet goodies and take-home foods. We bought a Mediterranean chicken pie to bring home with us.

Gordon looks like he's not in the mood for photos, ha ha!

The restaurant moved here from smaller quarters this year. They did a fine job of renovating an old house and turning it into an eatery. I love the atmosphere.

 Vert Fourchette and Mary's Fine Foods in Vankleek Hill. Be sure to stop in if you're in the area!

117 Main Street East - 613-678-3984


  1. There is, I've heard, a blogging "rule" that states, "No one cares what you had for lunch." Whoever wrote that rule never met me. I LOVE food posts! And this place looks like just my style.

  2. Hahahha! I always care. My Dad and I used to talk food ALL the time. Even after I grew up, left home, moved to Montreal from Toronto and was in my 20s, whenever we called each other, his first question was always "What are you having for supper?" We spent a lot of time describing food in great detail over the phone. I sure miss him. :)

    It's a great restaurant, quite a gem around here. We are awash in restaurants with identical menus (lots of burgers, fried food, etc etc and not much creativity!)

  3. I love to see food in blogs. It always makes me hungry. I'm either pushed to cook (if it's midnight!) or go out for a nice meal.

    I don't think your chickens will mind, Knatolee. Your chickens are very different than other chickens. They know that they are "people". They're not anonymous. They have a biography and many fans who care. Just make sure not to give them (ever) a bite of chicken to eat.

  4. Looks like a great place. I must visit after I send my nephew over to do your chores!

    I wonder if it is a consequence of past scarcity but my dad talks about food as your dad did.

  5. Claude, I like food blogs but they make me hungry! Still, I feel guilty eating chicken, then visiting my hens...

    Jams, it's interesting how people react to hard times. My Dad would be 81 were he still alive, and he lived in London through WWII. They were dirt poor and I think that's why he was so interested in food. I used to joke and call him a food pusher, but really that was my grandmother (his mother.) :) I gained ten pounds everytime I visited her in England as a kid.

    It was very important to my Dad that everyone leave the table well-fed.

  6. Mmm, your sandwich looks scrumptious!

  7. LBM, it sure was! It's hard to get any creative restaurant food around here that's creative. It tends to be the same old "burgers, fries, fish & chips, club sandwich, bad salad" routine...

  8. Hi. Next time you're in Vankleek Hill I'd suggest the Trillium Tea Room -- excellent sandwiches and desserts, plus there's a daily entree. And, of course, tea. It's just a few doors down from Vert Fourchette, on the same side of the street.

    The Blueberry Hill Pub now has both a lunch and dinner menu, which I've been told is excellent.

    I think if you add up the burger / pizza joints in Vankleek Hill, and the more interesting restaurants, it's pretty much a tie now.

  9. Thanks for the recommendations! I have been meaning to go to Blueberry Hill. I'm glad they serve dinner too.


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