Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer day on a county road

Despite my reluctant dogs, I went for a nice walk along our road this afternoon. I ended up putting Tristan in the house, because he was dragging his butt. He and Sophie are turning nine this fall, so I guess I have to accept the fact that they are senior dogs. Anyway, Sophie gamely continued on our walk.

Our house with the godforsaken soybeans. We want to turn this farm into a pollinator sanctuary, as well as adding wetlands. Ducks Unlimited has already come up with a plan for the wetlands and a large chunk of funding! I hope this begins soon because it goes against my grain to have soybeans destined for Japan growing on our land, although our farmer is a great guy and very conscientious. When the time comes, we'll talk to him about our plans well in advance. Without the fields planted, we lose our farm property tax credit and our taxes would increase greatly, so we need to plan things out carefully.

Our neighbour's round hay bales.

I think they look beautiful in the green hayfields.

Walking back along our road...

...and a tractor passed me by, par for the course around here. I always wave at farmers. :)

This is a lovely field of wheat next to our house (the land is owned by another farmer.) Hopefully it will do well this summer. I am looking forward to a golden landscape!

Wheat! What's that in the background?

Oh yes, the dog who thinks she's a sheep!
Hope you are all having a lovely summer.


  1. Looks very peaceful. I think you have found your little bit of heaven. :)

  2. If Sophie says "baaaaa", I'll be very concerned.

  3. Jams, that it is. I fell in love with this road when we first drove down it.

    Deb, I love the peace and quiet here.

    Ahab I "baaaa" at her all the time when she eats grass. One day she's going to "baaaa" back!

  4. Anonymous10:04 am

    How very cool that you're planning to eventually turn the soybean crop into something better for the environment. Courage and integrity.

    Beautiful photos as always!

  5. CogDis, I wish we could have done it as soon as we moved in, but it's taking time, planning and money. But if Gordon keeps getting law clients at the rate he has been doing in his first month of practice, we'll be able to get moving on things a lot sooner! :)

    Our neighbour across the road has turned much of his farm into a migratory bird sanctuary. He has amazing huge ponds and wetlands.

  6. I love your plans for the pollinating and wetlands. Good luck with it all. I love fields of baled hay, there is something very nostalgic to me about them.

  7. I am impressed with how beautiful the sky looks in your pictures. There is nothing like big fluffy clouds in a blue sky as a backdrop to country scenes like this.

  8. Those pictures remind me of home. I grew up on a dairy. Lovely in the summer time.

  9. Gorgeous area! The sky is pretty, the fields are pretty. There is a wheat field not that far from us - I love the golden field. It looks like a liquid gold. OK, well, it's not liquid or anything, but it's real pretty and gold.

    And hey, doggies need their veggies!

    PS - Congrats to Gordon for doing so well. It's always an encouragement to hear of someone starting their own business and doing great. I'm too chicken to open my own bakery...


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