Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birdy visitors

This morning, I heard lots of sweet birdy noises outside our bedroom window. I peeked through the blinds to see a gathering of barn swallows!


They were hanging about on the power lines that lead up to our house.

I went outside to get another photo...

...and they flew off to sit on the main power lines!

Barn swallows are some of my favourite birds. A few weeks back, there were a few of them swooping all around us as we walked down to the barn to see the chickens. They were catching insects (probably mosquitoes, as it was evening) and were flying quite low to the ground (and VERY close to us!)

I am behind on blogging and blog reading, but I intend to catch up soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. I am so envious! I will take solace from the many crows we get around our back garden

  2. They're so beautiful, seen close. We had a pair build a mud-daub nest just inside the the overhang of our front door, visible to us through the glass on the door and also from the bow-angled window of another room. They made a mighty mess, dropping mud and guano on the porch, but we got to watch every step of the process from first bit of mud to fledged birds. I feel like I'm kin to some of them, now.

  3. I love swallows! They nest at my workplace, and are so much fun to watch build their nests and raise chicks.

  4. I love swallows too. When they swoop in front of my lawn tractor it's neat. I like their song and talking if you will.

  5. Swallows are so neat and love mosquitos so we love to have them around too. One of our birdhouses used to be occupied by swallows until the little jenny-wren took over...what a tiny tyrant she is! But maybe she eats mozzies too.

  6. Jams, crows are so smart!! I find them amusing to watch.

    Nance, they are messy indeed, but aren't they cool birds? I love it when they nest in our barn.

    Katnip Lounge, I bet your kitties would love to swallow some swallows! ;)

    Nancy, they do talk to each. I love their chattering. It's neat that they fly in front of your tractor.

    Fran, they were going nuts in our yard tonight, hunting bugs. The garden was filled with swooping swallows. I wish I had a wren! We had one in our nestbox back in B.C.


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