Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy dogs and future ducks...

We are getting some Muscovy ducks this year, and Gordon found a very solid shed on Kijiji that we are going to use as a duck house. The thing must weigh 3,000 pounds. It was a great deal and it was worth hiring a flatbed towtruck to go pick it up for us.

Gordon borrowed our friend's pick-up truck this morning to take logs along in case the shed needed to be rolled towards flatbed truck. Tristan ADORES trucks, as does Sophie. He jumped right in and proceeded to sunbathe:

Don't worry, we didn't drive anywhere with him in the back. The truck was stationary the whole time.

"Oh, hello!"

Enjoying the early morning sun.

This dog knows how to relax.


By afternoon, the new duck house was here. It was actually built as a very nice dog house, about 6' x 8'. The dogs eagerly went in to investigate.

It came with a mattress!

We could never have built it for the price we paid. The supplies alone would have cost more. Plus Gordon has zero free time right now.

Eventually we'd like a duck pond, but for now they'll be getting a kiddy pool!

Tristan approves.

Hopefully the future ducks will, too. It's being moved behind the barn. Our friend with a tractor will help with that.

Tristan loves to snooze on hot pavement almost as much as he loves to snooze in the bed of a pick-up.


  1. Now that is a fine ho,me for your new residents Knatolee. As for the stakes, were you expecting some very big vampires?

  2. Jams, I never thought of that but they would be useful for vampire-slaying wouldn't they?! (Actually they are old fenceposts!)

  3. I love the 4th photo so much. I think I would frame it. I can't wait to see the new family arrive. Spring is is exciting for so many reasons. What a grand home they will have. Boy, you do live the life. I am heading out after cat-sitting today to try on Mother of the Groom dresses. Feel sorry for me, I do. :(

  4. Oh, Tristan, you are such a lovely boy! I just want to scatch his nose when it's poking up like that. Better go visit my dogs today.

    And nice duck house, too. Congrats on the good deal.

  5. OH! Its going to be perfect for the duckies! how exciting! I was just talking Muscovies to my farming friends, we will all be very keenly following your progress!

  6. I'm delighted to hear that muscovy ducks will be part of your family soon. I love muscovies.

  7. Forget duck à l'orange, duck Montmorency is much nicer.


  8. Deb, I am very fond of that photo too. Doggy bliss! And poor you, Mother of the Groom dresses... purposely trying to look inconspicuous so as not to outshine the bride! ;)

    Michele, Tristan is soft as velvet. He's a very cuddly dog, too.

    Lauren, we need to move the duck house behind the barn and set up some electric netting fence, which we will do soon.

    AHab, we are getting four muscovies from some local friends who kept the ducklings over the winter for us.

    HWB, you are incorrigible.

  9. OMG Natalie, those photos of Tristan in the truck are priceless!

    And that shed...all I can say is *Lucky Ducks!* :)

  10. Paula, Tristan is pretty adorable. And velvety soft!


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