Sunday, May 29, 2011

I should just call it "Chickens' World"...

...cuz it's all about the chickens. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of chicken photos! This is just the start.

Beaker, 100% MAN!

Sophie is great with the chickens and likes to herd them, but she doesn't want them to steal her ball.

"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong!"

Sophie, chicken poo connoisseur!

The beautiful (and fierce!) Penelope Pigeonator. All the other hens let us take eggs out from under them if they're in the nest box. Penelope gives a warning peck, then draws blood!

Mr. Handsome, and he knows it. Part Silkie, all beast.

Errol Flynn turns on the charm for Henrietta, who is just finishing up a moult. A couple of weeks ago, she had a completely naked butt. It didn't seem to affect her sex appeal.

Poor saddled Chicky and that brute of a rooster, Errol.  Chicky has several issues. She was the runt of the litter. She is at the bottom of the pecking order. She has feathers worn down from the over-exuberant romancing of the roosters. She is moulting. She picks the feathers out of her neck. Despite all this, she lays eggs and seems happy enough, although often find her off by herself, trying to stay under the radar of the other chickens. It sucks to be low chicken on the totem pole! Remember when she had her spa treatment? 

Errol Flynn is the biggest of the chickens, and is definitely in charge. It used to be Lord Gaga but things have changed as they've matured.

Poetry in motion. Or maybe Chicken Haiku:

Dare you touch my eggs?
I feel your hand under me.
Blood must be drawn. NOW!

Lord Gaga is so freaking cute!

Chicky, off by herself again.

Chicky fleeing the attentions of Errol and Beaker. She managed to escape. We are getting more hens this summer to help improve the rooster-to-chicken ratio.

Such a manly man.

If he could beat his chest, he would.

Lord Gaga and his lady love, Georgiana. "Let me enfold you in my wings of passion, my little poulet d'amour!"

Buttercup says "Peek-a-boo!"

Lord Gaga has no trouble attracting the ladies.

More feathered fun to come!


  1. "Chickery-Chick
    Chelaw, Chelaw

    (Old nonsense song from wartime're too young to remember)

    Enniwey, luv yer birds.

  2. I amy be too young to remember it, but I LOVE IT!

  3. "Pouletry" in motion!

    With apologies to Thomas Dolby...

  4. All hail Lord Gaga
    God of beautiful hens
    may eggs be fertile

  5. I think my favorite rooster is Lord Gaga. His white plumage is beautiful, and he looks very regal.

    Now if only he and the other roosters would stop bullying Chicky!

  6. Katnip Lounge, a most EXCELLENT pun!

    Jams, a most EXCELLENT haiku. It really is time for me to have a Hen Haiku contest. Stay tuned! And I am pleased you got your cards. You never know with Canada Post (which is currently threatening to go on strike.)

    Ahab, the hens bully but with the roosters it's more... excess libido. They think they're being romantic! And I agree with you about Lord Gaga. He's very handsome and has a nice personality and is definitely the sweetest with the hens. He is always finding them treats and clucking for them to come over!

  7. Great photos. This is so enlightening! What an exciting life, your chickens enjoy. Until I came here, I thought that eggs (like children) were found under cabbages.

  8. Children aren't found under cabbages??? ;)

  9. Whatever you find out about children, Knatolee, I expect a full photographic report of courtship and action, as you've done with chickens and roosters. Thanks!

  10. I love your chickens, especially Lord Gaga! I am under the Gaga spell, I guess!

    If children don't come from under cabbages, then...... Wait, OMG!!!!

  11. Claude, I might get arrested for that! ;)

    Lynn, Lord Gaga is getting a fan club. And as for the cabbages thing, isn't it amazing what you learn on the internet? Hee hee hee!


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