Saturday, May 21, 2011

Suet thief

We have a LOT of red squirrels around here. They used to eat a lot of our birdseed, but when we started getting rats at our feeders, we invested in a new squirrel-proof feeder and a pole baffle for our old feeder. This frustrates the squirrels, but they can still eat seed that falls on the ground. They also manage to get at the suet feeder.

Judging by the, ahem, nipples, I am guessing this Mrs. Squirrel. Or perhaps she's a floozy Miss Squirrel? ;)  She was mid-scurry up the pole to the suet.

I did have a very nice peanut feeder for the squirrels, with a lid they had to flip up. It was cute watching them figure it out. Then some bad-ass squirrel chewed a bit huge hole in the wooden lid. End of squirrel feeder.

And here's another squirrel (or the same squirrel; who knows?) dining on the birds' cast-offs.


  1. I haven't seen a red squirrel in a long time (they are my fav). Around here they are mostly grey squirrels

  2. I think it's a floozy squirrel, after all, she's doing a pole dance, right?

  3. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Great photos! And I like the idea of a pole dancing squirrel. If they start doing that I hope you make a movie. It will go viral!

  4. What a great photo that first one is.
    I've been seeing a lot of black squirrels with brown tails this spring. Bet the dogs love those squirrels of yours.

  5. Topless squirrels doing pole dances? o_O

  6. Wandering Cat, they really love pine forests. We have a huge pine/spruce woodlot, and smaller stand of pines and spruce right next to our house. THey also love trying to get inside your attic and walls, little buggers!

    Katnip Lounge and Ahab, you both cracked me up! I should have seen that it's OBVIOUSLY a pole dance, and she's even topless. HAHAHAHA!!

    CogDis, I could get famous on YouTube with a video like that.

    Deb, the dogs have caught and eaten a few red squirrels (NOT with my approval!) but have definitely weeded the slow ones out of the local gene pool. I haven't seen them catch a squirrel in a couple of years (and I'm glad.) Groundhogs are another story... :(


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