Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Last Supper

Last night, we had "The Last Supper" Rapture Party. Well, when I planned it, it was actually just a bunch of us getting together to celebrate Gordon leaving his job and starting a law practice. But then I realized that I'd picked  Rapture Day for our soirée, so I decided to make it a combo event:

 And our friend Ronna made Gordon a fantastic cake, featuring our very own Chicky! Chicky is Ronna's favourite hen. For the cake, Ronna put Chicky into mugshots:

 Attica! Attica!

 "Free Chicky! Free Chicky!"

Gordon was thrilled with his amazing cake!

And a good time was had by all!

Big hugs for Ronna, creator of the masterpiece.

Gordon also got a bag of goodies to start his new law practice. What lawyer doesn't need Elton John specs?

Armed and dangerous. I'd hire him to defend me!

I made the mistake of letting Sophie lick buttercream icing off my finger. She wasn't about to leave after that.

And Naomi got some quality time with her favourite Auntie Ronna...

...while I perfected my Elton John/Gangsta/Chicken-Tea-Cozy-on head look. Hard to believe I'd only drunk half a Guinness.

Check out Ronna's amazingly fantastic cakes on her Cakebook Facebook page, and visit her blog. And for everything you ever wanted to know about Canada's national dish, visit Ronna's Poutine Chronicles.

I was pleased we all survived the Rapture. Of course, if I had to go to hell, I couldn't have picked a better, more amusing group with which to roast in flames for all eternity.

Addendum: Ronna took some better pics of her masterpiece:

Attica! Attica!


  1. Anonymous11:18 am

    Hahahaa! I love it! Ronna's cake is so funny and creative. I'm glad y'all weren't "raptured"--it would get pretty lonely around the blogosphere without you!

  2. Looks like fun - awesome cake!
    And lots of luck and congratulations to Gordon!

  3. What a lot of fun. Great last day on Earth. (Not!) But a great evening!! Still laughing about that darn cake! Attica!! Happy it went over so well...

  4. You are all a hilarious group of people. What a fun evening and what a wonderfully funny and creative cake. I hope Gordon takes Chicky on as a pro bono case. Won't help you get that *luxury life* you are not yet accustomed to but may just help Gordon become famous as the lawyer who is not too chicken to help the fowl deviants in our society!

    p.s. really need to learn to proof my comments before hitting submit @#!

  5. Glad we all survived. That Ronna is a 'cake master'. Great fun, I'm sure. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  6. I love the cake. Chicky was framed!

  7. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Ronna is the Cake Master! Wow! Beautiful work. I also laughed out loud at your sign (had to explain myself to Mike). Are those wine corks? What an excellent idea.

  8. Ha ha, it's looks like a great Hallelujah Gala!
    I love Ronna's cake.

  9. Congratulations to Gordon!
    Fabulous cake.

  10. What fun! I love the cakes. :)

  11. Damn, I wish I'd been there. I'd have dressed up as a deranged preacher. I'm still smarting from being ignored by Heaven. Perhaps next time I'll apply to be included in the "Raptor," Lucifer's answer to that nutcake in California.

  12. TTPT, I am too naughty ever to be raptured. ANd I'd rather be in hell with the fun people anyway!!!

    Wandering Cat, thank you!

    Ronna, it was so GREAT. We are still laughing! BEST CAKE EVER!!!!

    Paula, we have a LOT of fun. And I think Gordon MIGHT take Chicky on pro bono if she lays enough eggs! ANd you are the pun meister, hahahahahaha!

  13. Deb, Ronna is a woman of many talents. If you do come out this way, you should meet Ronna too. I will invite her over for the occasion.

    Ahab, she absolutely was framed!

    CogDis, I liked my sign if I do say so myself. And yes, wine corks! I went through a phase once of making wine cork wreaths. I had tons of corks my friends had given me, so I decided to glue-gun some to my chalkboard in the kitchen!

    LBM, Hallelujah Gala, I like how that rhymes!

    Freshisle, thank you! It's a big step for him but I think he'll be glad he did it.

    David, me too!

    Chef Nick, Heaven is overrated. Don't feel bad!

  14. I'm so glad you were both left behind too. That was a wonderful cake!

  15. If I ever would produce such a masterpiece, I don't think I would allow anyone to eat ONE bite....

    I believe in God. I'm not sure about Hell. But, if it exists, I can tell you, with great certitude, that it's not for people like you and your friends. Had the Great Rapture happened, you would all have continued your party up there, and I might have had the chance to lick the icing on your finger. Next time maybe....

    Bonne Chance, Gordon. With such a send-of, you will do well fighting for peace and against injustice.

  16. Jams, I hear there's another Rapture coming in six months!

    Claude, I didn't want to cut into it. It was a work of art!

    And I would share my icing with your post-Rapture. :)

  17. Hi Natalie! I absolutely love the cake and am happy for Gordon's new adventure. These are happy times. Thanks for sharing them.

  18. Thanks, SHona! He sure is happy. He wants to be around the farm more. Now his weekly 10 - 15 hours of commuting (depending on traffic) are GONE!


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