Sunday, May 08, 2011

He didn't crash and burn...

...unlike the Grumman Goose aircraft he talks about in the video clip below! The other day, I mentioned that Gordon was going to give a talk to the local historical society on "Treaty Making in Glengarry and Beyond." He worked for several years as a treaty negotiator for the federal government. I thought his talk went very well, and he had an audience of at least 50 people crammed into the church hall, which was not a particularly attractive setting, but did the job!

Here he is, wearing the pig tie I bought him in England in 1999 (from a shop in Winslow, Bucks. where my aunt and uncle live.) Given all the farmers living around here, it was very appropriate!

At the end of his presentation, Gordon was give a bottle of maple syrup harvested by our local producers at Maple Ridge Farm. They make great syrup.

And finally, a video. In it, Gordon is discussing how he used to fly in and out of remote British Columbia communities on Grumman Goose aircraft, which are bloody old amphibious aircraft. He repeatedly assured me how safe they were. Then after we moved, two of those very Pacific Coastal planes (they only had six Grumman Goose in the fleet!) crashed and burned in the same year, 2008. One went down in August, another in November. Gordon had likely been on those very aircraft, he flew Pacific Coastal so often. Listen to me whisper "liar!" in this clip:

And on a happier note, today is our 18th wedding anniversary. Thanks to Gordon for putting up with me for all these years. Je t'aime beacoup, my little avocat!


  1. Well done Gordon!
    And congrats on the anniversary!Here's to many more.

  2. What a perfect gift in maple syrup! It is truly the nectar of the gods We get through loads despite the ridicu;ous cost here.

    More importantly hare's wishing you many more happy years of wedded bliss

  3. Congrats on the great speech by Gordon. Of course he didn't crash and burn giving the presentation! He looks very handsome in his suit. Although I'm partial to the rooster T-shirt he wore in Arizona. And I'm so glad he didn't crash & burn in those 2 airplanes!! :( Scary!

    Happy Anniversary to you both! Yeah!!!! You both will one day be that couple who were married for like 50 years! Isn't that neat? You don't see that very often anymore.

  4. "Happy Anniversary" Natalie & Gordon.

  5. Great speech! Good-looking and eloquent...You're a winner, Gordon.

    Many happy, happy years to both of you!

  6. Well done to Gordon and Happy Anniversary to you both!

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

    and a job well done, Gordon.

  8. Gordon, you got anointed with maple syrup: High praise indeed!
    Happy anniversary you two. A sense of humour is definitely part of your success!

  9. Anonymous9:17 am

    Happy Anniversary to you and your historian!

  10. Look how handsome the Evil Gordini is! Standing up in front of the Avenging Hordes all by himself.

    18 years old! It means you're finally allowed to drink!

  11. Thank you Wandering Cat!

    Jams, the next time I visit England, I'll bring you a large bottle. Eugene charges $17/litre, which is pretty cheap compared to some places.

    Lynn, I like his rooster shirt too. I got that on Etsy! And I hope we are married for 50 years. I'd be 79, so it's not impossible.

    Thank you Deb and Claude and Elisabeth and Marylee!

    CHef Nick, he's good at handling the Avenging Hordes.


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