Friday, May 13, 2011

The Magnificently Handsome Fluffaliciously Delicious One!

Julius is our senior kitty at 11 years of age. He showed up at our back door one winter, while we were living in Nova Scotia, and never left. He has now lived in four provinces (Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Québec and Ontario) and is enjoying country life. He loves to lounge around my office, particularly on a sunny windowsill.

Notice ultra-relaxed state and crossed paws!

"Talk to the paw, baby, talk to the paw!"

"Are you still here?"

"You do know you're disturbing my nap, right?"

"Keep this up and I'll leave another severed mouse head in front of your washing machine!"

"That's it. I'm going back to sleep!"

I loooove my Julius.

(Nice to see Blogger is back from the dead!! No Blogger service for 24 hours leaves blogging junkies like me gasping for a fix.)


  1. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Wow, you kept a cat through four moves? You get a big ATTAGIRL! She must really like to hang around you guys.

    Our daughter had a calico when she was in high school and the cat made two moves with us, then three with her. Cantaloupe was the secret. They just can't get that on the street.

    What was your secret?

  2. Ah the perfect place for some sunning without the disadvantage of breezes.

    Gingers are so handsome. Boris thinks so. I bet Julius does too!

  3. All Hail Emperor Julius!
    (My cats are very jealous of his nice wide window seat!)

  4. Anonymous7:51 pm

    He chose a good door to turn up at. Probably studied you from afar for a while then thought, Yeah, she'll do.

  5. HANDSOME! I have a thing for ornj boys!

  6. Anonymous11:28 pm

    He is very handsome. I envy his window seat.

  7. Marylee, we cross Canada twice with a carload of pets! Yep, kitty has lived with us in four different houses. But the leopard gecko wins with EIGHT different homes in 18 years. I'm so glad we are done with moving.

    I'm not sure what my secret was... maybe that high-potency catnip I grow?

  8. Jams, he loves a sunny window. Gingers are the best! Boris and Julius share that knowledge.

    Wandering Cat, he likes that you called him Emperor and is now insisting that I call him Emperor as well!

    Andrew, for a while he was going to our neighbours' house and leading them to believe he was homeless. He got extra food that way. They didn't figure it out until we were getting ready to leave Nova Scotia with OUR cat!

    Katnip Lounge, ornj kitties rule. And Julius would LOVE to visit a Katnip Lounge.

    CogDIs, I wish I could lie on that windowsill all day.

  9. Julius is in the dictionary under "fuzzy."

  10. Nick, indeed he is!


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