Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You can dress me up...

...but you can't take me anywhere. We had a very nice visit with our friends Willie and Sue on Sunday. Gordon decided to try out Willie's nice Nikon. I was resistant...

...but then threw myself into it wholeheartedly...

So classy!

By contrast, Gordon is the model of restraint. 

Thanks for a great lunch, Willie and Sue!


  1. At least you are not afraid to ham it up in front of the camera. I loathe to have my picture taken. I'm a happy person but when in front of a lens, all my smiles looked forced :(
    Glad you had a nice day with friends.

  2. You goof. It's better than what I do; I let him take the picture and then bitch at him for screwing it up. Speaking of class?!

  3. Natalie - you are too young for salt-and-pepper hair! These photos are lots of fun.

  4. To me you look always classy in every situation.

    Is a pleasure to having friends like you and Gordon.

    And the eggs and honey are out of this world. YUMMIE!!!!

  5. Paula, it's my inner show-off. And you look lovely in the photos I have seen of you!

    Uh Nance, I do that to Gordon too. :) He has a tendency to take so long framing a photo that it makes me tense, and I end up looking bad every time! The salt and pepper shakers lightened the mood. Oh yeah!

    Evlyn, I laughed out loud at the one. Good one!

    Willie, glad you enjoyed the eggs and honey. You are a magnificent cook and host.

  6. Haha Knatolee. I would pay good money to see you do that at the Ritz!

  7. Mmm, afternoon tea at the Ritz. Sounds great, but I'd have to behave.


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