Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of fan-belts and furry gifts...

We have been having CRAPACIOUS wet, cold weather. On Monday, it struggled to reach 5 Celsius and was a wet, rainy day. (The normal temperature for this time of year is 20 C. Yes, TWENTY. Not FIVE. NOT FIVE! Hear me, weather spirits?!)

On Monday morning, I heard an omnious "bang" erupt from the basement.  I chose to ignore this bang until I noticed  that the house was getting colder. And colder. Because the DAMN furnace wasn't working.

My most excellent soon-to-be-a-lawyer-in-private-practice, please-hire-him-so-I-can-buy-myself-something-pretty husband not only diagnosed the problem, he fixed it.

A quick trip to Canadian Tire* to procure a fan-belt, and Mr. Fix-It was on the job. 

(*Read about The Tire here if you're not Canadian and have not heard of our national institution for all thing hardware and automotive! And if you don't know about Canadian Tire money, I am sad for you. My high school music teacher once bought an entire lawnmower with Canadian Tire money! My cousin in a manager at the head office, but does not get me in-store discounts. Bummer! And the Tire has now branched out into banking. Geez.)

Bowing down before the furnace gods...

Yes, darling, it's a lovely fan-belt. 

(But Mr. Fix-It required the powerful biceps of his wife in order to get the damn thing looped on the wheels!)

Furnace was fixed, heat was restored, and we were all happy again, or as happy as we can be dealing with days and days and days of rain and cold weather, both of which are preventing us and the farmers from getting vegetable gardens planted and fields sown with crops! (It is the day of the run-on sentence here at Knatolee's World.)

And this afternoon, I discovered that my FAT LAZY CATS had left me a gift on the family room floor...

I deliberately did not zoom in on this, as I figured none of my readers would appreciate a gore shot. Yes, it's a VERY dead mouse, sodden with cat saliva. 

I have a rule here at Knatolee's World: You kill it, you eat it. The rule is regularly broken by every fur-bearing mammal in the house...


  1. Yay for Gordeon fixing the furnace. And Nat, honestly, those cats of yours AREN'T lazy...they brought you a gift!! You should thank them that it wasn't ALIVE!!

  2. Good old Gordon for fixing the furnace (not forgetting your help of course).
    The weather can be a real pain can't it? The farmer's round here have started irrigating because it's been so dry for such a long time, and there you are with too much water.

  3. Love the pic of Gordon framed by the fan belt. That deserves to be framed, along with a certificate of merit for fixing the furnace. Did you tell him he's hired?

  4. Ronna, I suppose I should be grateful! After all, Naomi did dump a live mouse in my bedroom last month.

    LBM, I was quite impressed with him! And what's with the weather? I think we have your rain (and I hear France is dry too!) Would you like me to send it back?

    Evlyn, I was quite proud of him. And I will tell him he's hired!

  5. At least the furnace broke in the middle of Spring and not the middle of Winter. Good for Gordon for fixing it. Glad the cats are finding the mice and handling that issue for you. Like Ronna says, better to be delivered DOA!
    I once brought a large folding table for my craft room with Canadian Tire money. Love it! Good idea to bring your purchase being done with all CTC money to a happy clerk on a non-busy day however :)

  6. I agree Paula. WE've had it break in winter and it's no fun!! And Canadian Tire money is great, eh?


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