Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty Penelope

The chickens had a nice outing on the weekend. Penelope Pigeonator (she resembled a pigeon in her youth) wandered around towards the front of the garage and checked out the laneway on her own. The dogs were allegedly guarding the chickens. Really they were snoozing on the porch.

Penelope is the fiercest chicken of them all. If you try to take an egg out from under her when she's on the nest box, she'll give you a warning peck. If you try again, she'll draw blood! She's the only hen who won't let us sneak out eggs while she's on the nest.

She didn't really appreciate me stalking her with the camera...

...and soon did a runner!


  1. I'll bet she doesn't take any flack from those lecherous roosters!

  2. Anonymous10:05 am

    What a pretty chicken!

  3. Funny! Bet she'd make a great mama hen.

  4. Chickens crack (get it) me up.


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