Friday, May 06, 2011

Off to the vet...

Think good thoughts for our 18-year-old leopard gecko today. Kartini is off to the reptile vet. She has been having shedding problems on her face and her tail is thin, and we are worried about her. Leopard geckos store fat in their tails, which should look nice and plump. She has also started shedding far too, at least once a week instead of something like once a month.

I have read varying reports of leopard gecko lifespans, but most say 10 - 20 years is reasonable for one in captivity. So Kartini is clearly geriatric by any standards! She was a wedding gift to us in 1993 (with advance permission) and has crossed Canada twice in a car. She used to have a sister, Toba, but Toba expired at age seven in 2000, for unknown reasons. I think Kartini was happier without her, as she always hogged more crickets.

I'll let you know the results of the vet visit. Gordon took Kartini to work with him today in a plastic travel box.

I have read about a 28-year-old leopard gecko on the internet, so I hope Kartini will be with us for a while yet!

UPDATE: Miss Kartini is fine!! The vet even did xrays. She might have a little kidney stone but he doesn't think it's anything to worry about. We have to make her terrarium more humid; although she is a desert gecko, it can actually get too dry in there. Overall she is doing very well and we have to bring her back in three months for a weigh-in. Imagine, gecko xrays!


  1. Anonymous9:39 am

    My best to the old girl!

    I love that she was a wedding present. I hope there are many more crickets in her future.

    So they store fat in their tails, huh? I must be evolved from a gecko.

  2. Good luck dear Kartini!!! And Gordon gets to do a show-and-tell day at work! :)

  3. I do hope that Kartini will be ok. Such a pretty gecko!

  4. I hope all is well with her Knatolee

  5. I hope that she will be with you a lot longer too. Best wishes for a good and promising check-up at the vets.

  6. From an old girl to an old girl: Best Wishes, Kartini.

  7. Best wishes for good health, Kartini!

  8. Anonymous1:23 pm

    I'm having the opposite problem. I never used to store fat in my tail ... until now. What's up with that?! Thankfully I'm not shedding often. That would be a real drag.

    I hope Kartini is okay!

  9. We keep our fingers crossed for her.

  10. I'm wishing her 10 more years. Hugs

  11. Anonymous5:49 pm

    She is very beautiful. Lovely eyes.

  12. Read through - happily to the Update! Yay Kartini! Pull through and thrive! Such an amazing being:)

  13. Marylee, you cracked me up with that last comment. :)

    Lynn, I was so glad to hear she was okay. And quite the adventurous day for the old girl.

    Thank you for visiting, Gideon-rooster. I like your blog.

    Jams and Paula, she's going to keep on trucking for a while, we hope. I can't believe my gecko had an xray...

    Claude, Kartini thanks you. I'm not sure how gecko years compare to human years, but I suspect Kartini is older than you! ;)

  14. CogDis, if you start shedding, I suspect a visit to your dermatologist will be in order!!! :D

    Willie, Deb and Andrew, thanks! I like her eyes a lot. Her markings make it look like she has eyelashes or perhaps eyeliner.

    Lauren, she amazes me. She crossed Canada twice, once in winter. Her carry-box was wrapped in a blanket, and every day we put "Hot Shots" handwarmers under the box to give her direct heat. She is adventure gecko!


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