Monday, May 09, 2011

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  1. Oh my, your rugs are fantastic! It's incredible that you can get such fine detail in your work.

    I won't say anything about you being a happy hooker!

  2. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Welcome to Canada!

    I couldn't find your email Knat, but i thought that you NEEDED to see this.. hope the link works.

    look at this one's sooooo funny and clearly made by one of your countrymen ...considering how he pronounces 'out'.

    these are sooooo funny. :D

  3. Anonymous5:59 pm

    oh yes, your rugs are beautiful.

    and the Gord-tadas WOW!!! slurp.

    i need to get caught up on the Caber-news. quitting the ol govt eh?!

    Congrats and best of luck! i know he will be successful. :)

  4. Seriously Knatolee - you have to be one of my most talented blogger friends! Those rugs are gorgeous! I think the fish and kitty ones were my faves - hard to choose!

  5. Beautiful work! When do you find the time with all your other occupations? You probably never stop...

  6. LBM, thank you so much! That Fintastic Fishies rug was a lot of fun, and I sold it on Etsy. And people make lots of hooker jokes around me. :)))

    Dr. Sloth, the videos were GREAT. Did you see that the dog one was linked to the Nova Scotia SPCA? Explains the pronunciation of "out." I can NEVER hear that, whatever it is you Yanks find so funny about the Canuck pronunciation of "out." My friend Roger teased me mercilessly about it in Arizona, but I just can't hear it! :)

    I'll send you an email with the Caber-news.

  7. Shelley, I blush. Thank you so much!!

  8. Claude, I need to slow down.. :) Too much going on!


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