Monday, May 16, 2011

Snoozy Sophie

Here's Sophie enjoying her comfy bed. She's such a good dog, and very smart. She came here, already trained, at the age of five. She's a very sensitive soul. If she thinks you're mad at her, she looks completely crestfallen and hangs her head down, wagging just the tip of her tail She does not like raised voices in any way, shape or form. I often have to reassure her if I am, say, yelling for Gordon in another part of the house. She thinks you're mad if you're loud!

She also gives you kisses on the chin on command, if you bend down say "Kisses!" They are delicate and not at all slobbery. She learned all her commands in French, so if you want to shake her paw, you tell her "Patte!" 

She lives for butt scritchies. If you visit, you must scratch her butt (back.)

Sophie is a yellow Lab (but I suspect other breeds in her family tree!) She was born on a farm and adopted by a family in Quebec as a puppy, along with her "brother" Tristan. When a tragedy befell the family five years later, we brought the two dogs into our home. It took them awhile to get comfortable, but I think they both realize now that they are here to stay, over three years later.

Sophie is my very good girl and I love her to bits!


  1. Dogs are so wonderful. Kane is my first and only dog ever. It's been a real learning experience living with a rescued dog. By your post, I think Sophie and Kane may be a lot alike. When we brought Kane home from the shelter he had many issues from his former home and the first time someone raised their voice in the house he hid behind the curtain in the living-room. I almost cried to think that he was so unsure of what to expect. He knows he is loved here now and is a pretty laid back guy. Your dogs were so lucky to get a second chance at a happy life.

  2. Anonymous10:44 pm

    How cozy and sweet Sophie looks! I could get right in there with her.

    And if you gave those commands to me in French, I wouldn't have a clue. Smart girl!

  3. Oh, gosh, Knatolee, what a precious girl! And a bilingual one, to boot! She sounds like an amazing member of your family. I love how cozy she looks in that great big bed. Why, there's even room for me there, right next to her. :-)

  4. Oh, that's a nice bed! Very sweet and cozy little Sophie too! xoxoxoxo

  5. That is sweet Knatolee. But surely there would be a cat on the comfy bed and Sophie would be curled up on the floor?

  6. Anonymous8:08 am

    I know exactly what that crestfallen look with timidly wagging tail looks like. Which reminds me. Have you seen this guy?

  7. Awww, she's such a pretty girl. I love that you took her in and I know that she knows she has found the perfect home and parents.

  8. Sweet girl! My Sam was likeher, regarding raised voices, and Happy is a Sensy too.

  9. Deb, Kane is sure lucky that to have a home with you! (And I'm sure you feel lucky to have him.) It was nice watching the dogs relax over time as they got used to their new home!

    TTPT, dogs are so good at relaxing! And Sophie is becoming bilingual... she knows some commands in both languages. :)

    Danni, Sophie would love it if you snuggled up next to her!

    Isobelle, they are Gertie Gear beds. We are really pleased with them and the dogs (and cats) love them:

  10. CogDis, that video is hilarious. Denver for president!!

  11. Monika, "Sensy", I like that!! Your dogs are so beautiful.

    Paula, I love her. She's a great dog, my loyal buddy.

  12. But Sophie does have a dirty secret. She eats groundhogs! :0


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