Saturday, April 30, 2011

And the last of the trip...

This week has been too busy and I am behind  on blogging. Big changes happening around here! My hubby has put in his resignation from his federal government job and is opening his own law practice this summer. Apart from three dismal weeks at McDonalds when he was a teenager, Gordon has never worked for anyone but the government! But he has finally had enough and after talking about it for ten years(!) he is going to return to being a lawyer. But instead of being a Crown prosecutor, he'll be a defence lawyer practicing criminal, immigration and mental health law (and who knows what else! He used to do criminal and tax law.) So wish us luck, because it's a huge change. I am looking forward to seeing more of him as he leaves behind his two-hour-plus daily commute.

Most people have been very supportive, save for a couple of friends who seem to think Gordon is crazy for quitting a job that is completely unfulfilling but very safe.  It surprises me when people aren't supportive about Gordon's plans, because really, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing! Some people act like he's quitting his job to become a pole dancer. But he was very happy practicing law for many years, and misses it, and I know he'll do exceedingly well. He also has more books he wants to write. But I guess some people think job security is the only thing worth living for. Hubby and I both have other priorities in life!

Anyway, I finally have the last of the pictures from our Arizona trip. Enjoy...

This was taken from the airplane and I can't remember if this was New Mexico or Arizona or some other state, but I have always been curious about these "crop circles." Can anyone explain to me why farmers plant this way? It's very pretty from the air.

And then came mountains and desert...

Finally we flew over Tucson...

City in the desert!

Our last day in Arizona was uncharacteristically rainy. We decided to visit the Mission San Xavier del Bac. This Spanish mission was found in 1692 by a Jesuit. It sits on the Tohono O'odham San Xavier Indian Reservation.

I admit to having a weakness for Catholic churches. This may stem from being brought up Catholic, with an Irish grandmother who attended Mass every day. Even though I gave up religion over 20 years ago, I still like visiting beautiful religious buildings!

The church itself dates from the late 1700s...

Read more about its history here

And on a hill outside the church is a grotto with shrine...

From the hill, I looked down to see people's names written in stones on the ground. Not sure of the significance!


The exterior of the Mission.

That night we went into Tucson for dinner. I found the courthouse to be very attractive:

And that's it for Arizona photos. It was a great trip. Now back to your regularly-scheduled chickens and bees. We are splitting our beehives today. Stay tuned!

PS: Be kind to civil servants taking the leap into private industry! ;)


  1. Well very good luck to Gordon, and to you (although I suppose if he had been taking up pole dancing we might have got some more interesting pictures on the blog :)

  2. Horay for your Gordon. There is definitely more to life than financial security. I'v never understood how people can stay at a job that they hate I never could. Life is too short.
    Good luck

  3. I understand why Gordon has stayed so long. I have a govt job, and it's scary to think about leaving that stable pay. Good for Gordon for being brave enough to do what will make him happy! And good luck to him!!!!! I've always wanted to leave my govt job and write books, then I considered opening a bakery or a cupcakery, but with the economy like it is, I can't make that leap! It's to scary for me! Besides, I like my work and feel like I make a difference in this crazy world doing what I do...

    The church mission, oh Nat, it's so pretty. I would have thought I died and went to heaven! I have a thing for old churches and cemetaries.

    I think the farmers plant in circles so it's easy to water the crop. The huge sprinkler sprays in a circle. Watering crops is important out there. But I may be wrong on this one, I'm an east coast gal where the farmer's fields are square!

  4. Gary stayed for 35 years in the govt. but I really do believe he enjoyed his job. He is now facing retirement but at 56 he's too young to stay home and bother...oops! I mean keep me company when I'm not out kitty-sittin'. He is looking for other work now. Good Luck to Gordon. Do what you's what makes life livable. That church is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  5. I agree with Andrew, if reluctantly.
    Maybe you should take up......:-)

    Anyway, Gordon made the right choice. Al the best to him.

  6. How exciting for you and Gordon...all the best to you both! Anytime you are doing what you love to do you are a success.

    The circles are from pivot irrigation systems. I'm not sure if the crops are planted in circles but the certainly survive in circles.

  7. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Bravo to Gordon and best wishes to you both! But now I can't get pole dancing attorneys out of my mind...

  8. Those crop circles are very strange indeed. I can understand that it's how they're watered but some of them look as though they've got sections missing.
    Wishing Gordon all the best of luck.

  9. Bravo Gordon! People need good, honest, lawyers. I think Gordon will be superb as a defence lawyer. He is a very trustable guy. I would put my life into his hands, and I would recommend him to anyone. The three areas you're mentioning are very interesting, and complicated for ordinary people. It will be great if they have someone like Gordon to clarify things and help them out. My brother was a lawyer, and he did a lot of good for a lot of people. I'm sure Gordon will do well. He married you, didn't he?

    Your photos are magnificent, as always.

  10. Life is too short to stay in a job you don't enjoy. I am a big believer in finding a job that works with one's life rather than the other way around. Gordon will do great!

    Love the photos! Have fun dividing the bees!

  11. Andrew, thank you. Pole-dancing lawyers, now there's a niche market!

    Johanna, I am with you. Life is far too short to be miserable. I have never hesitated to leave jobs I didn't like, and it always worked out for the best. Thanks!

    Lynn, I think everyone has to do what's right for them. Plus in the US you have health insurance considerations on top of everything else, whereas we don't have to worry about being without healthcare if we switch or lose jobs. And you like your work, which is what matters!! :)

    THanks for explaining the crops. That makes perfect sense to me!

  12. Deb, good luck to Gary with the changes in his life. Hope he finds something new and exciting to do after retirement.

    WIllie, I am NOT taking up pole-dancing. Behave or I won't bring you honey and eggs today.

    MB, thanks! I just couldn't figure out the circles. They look so cool from the air.

    TTPT, neither can I...

    LBM, thanks for the good wishes!

  13. Claude, it's funny, you have never met Gordon but you have assessed his character well. He is very honest and truly wants to help people. I think he will get a lot of clients on the basis of his personality, but they will also learn that he's an excellent lawyer and knows his stuff. Thank you for the kinds words, as always! xoxoxox

  14. CogDIs, I am with you. That's why I started working for myself in 94 and never looked back...

  15. Anonymous6:32 pm

    I had a government job many years ago and I remember my mom being so thrilled...I was set for life. Well, that lasted a little over a year and I had had enough of that. I found it unchallenging, boring, short, it wasn't all that it was cut out to be. So BRAVO to Gordon. There is more to life...go out there and have fun!

  16. As you can see, I'm behind with my blog reading.
    How very exciting for you and Gordon! I'm sure that he feels so liberated now that he has made his decision and is acting on it. Once his firm is up and running I'll bet he will come home one evening and say to you *I should have done this ten years ago*
    Congratulations on this momentous occasion and best wishes to Gordon for a very successful practice.
    P.S. Thanks for the great posts on your trip to Arizona

  17. Andrée, Gordon likes to hear encouragement like that!! :)

    And thanks Paula! I suspect the same thing. He has been talking about this for years and the time has come to make a move.


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