Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cool old stuff

When we were at our friend Eugene's place the other weekend, making maple syrup, I took some photos of the cool old stuff he has scattered around his farm.

My hens would love it in here!

I love those polar-bear shaped Northwest Territories licence plates!

Great old sawblades!

I believe Eugene said this was an old maple syrup pan his father or grandfather used to boil down sap in! 

Eugene is a novice beekeeper like me. Here are some hive frames (without the wax!) and a rusty saw,

Treasure trove of old goodies.

Old delivery truck turned into a storage shed. My hens would like it in here, too!

The old barn, filled with character!

I love all the neat old things you can find on a farm.


  1. Great pics of the old farm.
    Reminds of my younger years when I was working parttime at a farm in Germany where we picked potatoes and more potatoes.

    Have a nice Sunday.


  2. Don't know how they managed to hang that boiler tub on the barn. Those things are HEAVY!

  3. I've just decided Eugene looks like the sort of neighbour I'd love to have. Do you think he'd like to move? :)

  4. Willie, I didn't know (or forgot!) you worked on a farm! Hope you had a good Sunday too.

    Paula, I didn't know it was heavy. I hope he used strong nails. :0)

    Musical Gardener, I think you'll have to move closer to Eugene. His family has owned that farm for 200 years. :)


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