Monday, April 04, 2011

More old photos

Old photo time again! The little waif in the middle is my mother at age 3 in 1936. Her brother is on the left, and I don't know who is on the right. This was taken in Purley, Surrey, England. Do you think they were trying to be angels? Or vampires? 

On this photo my mother wrote, "Me and Mummie, Torquay, 1935" 
I love this shot of my grandmother pushing my two-year-old mother down the street in her stroller!

And here's Mum in the stroller, looking dubious about the whole situation.


  1. Anonymous11:07 pm

    What a little doll! (And love the classic trenchcoat on your grandmother.)

  2. I love old photos! Your mom looks adorable!

  3. Your grandmother pushing your mum in the stroller look absolutely chic!
    Wonderful shots.

  4. Such treasure these old photos. Strollers certainly have come a long way and I see your Mom had a Mickey Mouse pail!

  5. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Wonderful old photos!

    Once I found a small photo of my mother and her two sisters. I had it restored, enlarged, and framed for my mother one year. I pointed to the middle sister and said, "I wish she had been standing a bit closer to you so part of her head wouldn't have been cut off in the picture."

    My mother wrinkled her nose and said, Doesn't matter. She was always such a whiny little thing."
    Ah, family love!

  6. TTPT, I thought my grandmother looked quite stylish. It's sad that she smoked incessantly and died at age 43. :( My mother had a lot of fashion style too, which she no doubt learned at the feet of HER mother. I broke that chain... ;)

    Hoot-a-Toot, I thought she was a cute baby but boy, she often looked very serious in photos taken of her as a child.

    LBM and Elisabeth, thanks/merci!

    Paula, I noticed the Mickey Mouse pail. I didn't know they could even get MM stuff in England in the 30s!

    Marylee, that's a great story about your Mother. :)


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