Friday, April 01, 2011

Eastern Ontario Snow Geese migration - Mar 29, 2011

This is pretty amazing, and had I known, I would have gone down there myself with a camera! We are on a migration route for snow geese, and Lancaster is about 20 minutes south of us. This is the St. Lawrence River. Watch carefully at 1:35 to see a mink run across the bottom of the screen!


  1. Anonymous10:37 am

    Oh yes, this is pretty amazing :)


  2. I imagine that, standing there in the midst of the geese, one gets a different sense of our place in the world. Breathtaking! Thank you!

  3. The little mink...too cute! That is amazing to watch.
    My email is so if you could email me the full amount with taxes/shipping and your postal address I will send off payment to you for a signed copy. That would be great.

    Thanks Natalie.

  4. Wow - I would've loved to seen this in person!

  5. Magnificent. Thanks! I put it on Facebook for my grandkids to see...and to HEAR!

  6. An amazing scene to watch.
    I'm looking out the window at a flock of screeching cockatoos wheeling around the sky. Not quite the same as snow geese, but beautiful to watch and definitely noisy........

    Word verification.... owles, hehe

  7. Anonymous8:51 am

    That would be something to see. Wow.

  8. Totally enthralled! Thanks for posting this video.

  9. Nance, if only I'd known, I would have been down there myself!! So close to our house.

    Deb, I'll get a book off to you soon. Thank you!!

    Shelley, you would have loved it.

    Claude, hope the grandkids enjoyed it.

    Claire, a flock of cockatoos would be very exciting for ME to see. And I love your verification word.


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