Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Throw the ball, throw the ball!

We had a mixed bag of weather yesterday: freezing rain, a little rain, then some snow. I'm glad the snow came last and covered up the mess. 

I took the dogs out for their walk in the late afternoon, and Sophie brought along her decrepit ball, which used to be red but is now a mildewed pink, after spending a couple of years outside. The ball disappears from time to time but then miraculously reappears. I don't know how she keeps finding it!

 Both the dogs love having a ball thrown for them, but Sophie gets a little obsessed.
"Throw the ball! Throw it! Throw it now! Throw the damn ball!!!!"

It looked very pretty around the farm yesterday. Can you spot Tristan in this photo?

I zoomed in a bit on this one. You can see my neighbour's barn, and if you click to enlarge it, you might be able to see the huge flock of ducks circling around in the lower sky at centre.

"Throw the ball! Throw it! Throw it now! Throw the damn ball!!!!"

 "Thank you. About friggin' time!"

The ice-coated trees in the woods looked very pretty.

Spot the hedonist. Both dogs LOVE to roll in the snow.

That tree in the centre is very large when you get up close to it. Our forester friend visited last weekend and told me it's a bur oak. There is a hole in the bottom of the trunk that animals like to hang out in. A few months back, something was in residence when I was out with the dogs, and I now think it was a fisher.

Our forester friend showed me another tree with a hole in the base that a porcupine had been spending time in. He identified it by the scat he found inside the hole.

And here's a video of Sophie enjoying her favourite game, "Fetch the ball!"

Our dogs came to us knowing their commands only in French, and I still speak to them in French a lot. So on this video you get to hear me babbling nonsense in both of Canada's official languages! There's some wind noise on the video; sorry about that.

I am impressed at how well I threw the ball with my left hand (I'm right-handed.)
Have a good one!


  1. My lady played the video and her jack russell Thistle came thundering in to the office because he heard the word, "Ball". Tee hee.

  2. I want more snow! it's cold here but the sun is out today...your dogs are adorable, our big ones love snow and romp in it all winter long...I liked the video, sophie looks like she has a smile on her face! have a nice week!

  3. OOps, Isobelle, apologize to Thistle for me! :) I hope your lady tossed the ball around for her afterwards.

    Jennifer, I am enjoying the snow but spring is definitely on the way. Sophie has a nice doggy smile, doesn't she?

  4. Anonymous9:47 pm

    I love Sophie!!! What a face!

    Yes, I found Tristan, too. I was afraid to look in the pond...!

    That's quite an arm you've got there. Have baseball scouts checked out your right-handed pitch? You could be spring training in a warm climate right now.

  5. You can throw better with your left than I can with my right. If I throw underarm they usually go over my head behind me!

  6. Yep. Found Tristan waayyy out there!
    Did you know that your voice is higher pitched when you speak french?

  7. Anonymous9:41 am

    Dogs are joy!

  8. Marylee, Sophie is very ENTHUSED about everything in life! And if there was no ice, Tristan would be in the water! He doesn't care if it's freezing cold, so long as it's west.

    Thanks for the compliments on my arm. My right-hander is better. I attribute my arm strength to loading a bazillion logs into the wood furnace each day, chopping kindling, and yoga. Oh yeah, and incessantly throwing the ball for my demanding dogs! :)

  9. LBM, I think there's a knack to throwing a ball that I have really only figured out since I got these two fetch-addicted dogs! :)

    And COgDis, I agree with you 110%!

  10. Just saw the painting of Sophie! It's perfect!

  11. She did a great job, didn't she?


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