Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring chickens, spring bees!

The temperature got a bit above freezing today, but the sun was warm and honeybees and chickens (not to mention me!) were out about.

 Here's Buttercup catching some rays behind the barn.

Errol Flynn leading his ladies out on an adventure.

The honeybees were out in the sun. The brown spots in the background are bee poop! Bees hold it in for a very long time, as they don't like to foul their hive. On a nice day like this, they pop out to empty their bowels!

Lounging on the warm metal of the hive roof (that thing on the left is the brick I use to weigh the lid down.)

 And here's sexy young Beaker (centre) with his harem: Charlotte, Georgiana and Claudia. Or wait, that could be Nadia!

Errol hanging with the ladies.

Errol is a very handsome roo!

And here's  video of today's outing (but the sunset at the end is from last week, when it was colder.)


  1. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I love this time of the year. There is a smell of freshness and sunshine and new growth in the air.

  2. Errol is indeed the spit of my Lotto!

  3. That's the first time I've seen bee poop in my 58 years. I want to have chickens some day mostly for the eggs. Great blog. Love the kitties. I'm your new follower. Deb=^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

  4. Oh YAY! your post today just made me giddy with joy :)! bees and chickens and sunshine yippee! Love Erol - he's the man, very debonaire
    Penelope is a cutie! oh I just love them all

  5. Ahhh, nice to have some fresh spring pics of the farm. Thanks for sharing. It lightens up my winter weary head.

    We're finally getting some seasonable weather after weeks and weeks of 20 degrees below normal.

  6. Those bees certainly ... um ... have healthy GI tracks.

  7. Hey CogDis, the only thing I don't like about this time of year is muddy dogs paws. But everything else is groovy!

    LBM, isn't he just?

    Deb, welcome! There's nothing like eggs from your own chickens. Ottawa needs to get with the program and let people keep backyard chickens (we live an hour east of the city.) Thank for visiting.

  8. Michele, your poor province is always getting hammered by weather! On the bright side, you're smart enough not to have Daylight Stupid Time. :)

    Lauren, are chickens not THE BEST!? SUch characters.

    And yes, Ahab, they have suprisingly long tracts. Otoh, they've been holding stuff in for the winter! Lots of catching up to do. :)


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