Monday, March 07, 2011

Paper-stripping cats, pretty skies and a fun evening!

First, I need to have a word with Alex. This morning I caught him tearing a strip of wallpaper off my office wall! Now, I loathe this wallpaper and DO want to remove it, but not until we're prepared to repair and paint the plaster walls underneath! So I told him to cut it out.

Too late! Alex is indulging in some simultaneous wallpaper-stripping and bird-watching.

"Hey, this is fun. Hot damn, claws sure are useful!"

Meanwhile on Saturday night, my friend Ronna took pity on me. Gordon was in Washington, D.C. for several days on business, so Ronna invited me over for a lovely meal with her and the resplendent Richard.  Now here's the part where my blog starts mimicking her blog again, because if you visit today, you'll find the next few pictures and more. Today, I am the star of Ronna's blog post! An autograph-signing session will be held in at the convenience store in Apple Hill at 3:41 pm. ;)

To me, Ronna is the star. Look at the wonderful dessert she made for me! Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, Cadbury Mini eggs, and Peeps decorated to look like my chickens. The one at the upper left is Ronna's rendition of our Chicky, her favourite hen.

The cakes were delicious and beautiful too!

After supper, we watched a movie and I bonded with Ronna's lovely cats. You can see more pics of THAT on Ronna's blog. Thanks, R & R, for a great evening and for saving me for a supper of cereal!
We had quite the mix of weather this weekend, with rain, freezing rain and snow. In the end, we got quite a bit of snow. Last night the sky was pink and gorgeous. The photos really don't do it justice...

That is a honking big white spruce next to our house (at least, I think it's a white spruce. I am bad with tree I.D.) It's about thrice as tall as our house!
Spring's coming, right? Right??

Have a good week!


  1. Alex, what a naughty boy! My boy, Jack, likes to do such naughty things, too. We found out he especially enjoys chewing on cardboard boxes, and so he has his own box which sits in front of the fireplace that he can chew on to his heart's delight. He likes to rip the cardboard off the box and spits it out. I think he likes the box to have really short sides. On a good note, all the cardboard chewing keeps his teeth really clean. The vet said he has no plaque at all due to his cardboard toothbrush fetish.

    The pink sky is gorgeous!!! Love it!

  2. Haha I take it that Alex will hear your you and then go on doing exactly what he wants... he is a cat after all!

  3. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Wallpaper-stripping while birdwatching eh? Alex the multi-tasking pussy cat. I'm impressed. You've had Presidents who couldn't walk and talk at the same time (come to think of it at least one who couldn't even do either of these tasks properly one at a time.) Alex for President! Yes he can!

  4. Richard's two youngest cats have peeled most of the wallpaper from the bedroom walls. Perhaps you should invite them over for a wallpaper peeling party with Alex?

  5. H. insciens, now now, I am Canadian. We have prime ministers, not presidents. That said, I loathe our current P.M. and would be more than happy to see Alex take over the country! Yes he CAN!

  6. Lynn, that's amazing that the cardboard keeps Jack's teeth clean. I wish my cats would chew cardboard!! It would have saved me some vet bills with Julius. :)

    The sky was so pretty. Pics don't do it justice.

  7. Jams, ya got that right!!

    Ronna, maybe Richard's two could help me finish stripping the damn bathroom wallpaper...

  8. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Ah no, I meant "You've had" in the sense of "We've had" or "There've been", as in the people of the world have had... Not in the sense of you personally have had. Maybe if I call that a Scottishism I'll get away with it.

  9. Ahhhhh! And I definitely have not personally HAD the president. Ahem.
    Sorry about that! Scottishism it is. (Try saying THAT when you're drunk. Which I'm not. Unless half a Guinness counts!)

  10. Anonymous7:59 am

    I hope spring is coming. We just got slammed with another winter storm ...

    Love that pink sky! Beautiful.

  11. Anonymous12:26 pm

    The landscape pictures are so pretty! Yes, spring is coming - we've pointed it in your direction.

    Your red velvet cake reminded me. . . one of my daughters is a red velvet cake fiend. She sent me a recipe for red velvet donuts that she's going to try this weekend. Yikes!

  12. So will Alex charge by the hour when you do finally decide to take the wallpaper down?

    And by the way...I LOVE Cadbury Mini eggs. Yum.

  13. CogDis, poor you! I wonder if it was the same storm that worked its way east and hit Vermont (and us!) A few weeks ago we got a storm they blamed on Texas!

    Marylee, we're supposed to get 6 more inches of snow tomorrow. I think your aim is off. ;)) And red velvet cake doughnuts sound very INTERESTING!

  14. David, knowing Alex, he probably will. And I love those mini eggs too, but Gordon and I were discussing it and think they used to be better. We decided there's now more candy shell and less chocolate!

  15. I haven't noticed that about the mini eggs but I have noticed the Cadbury Creme eggs have gotten smaller for sure. So not fair!

  16. It's all so very wrong! :) David, I am thinking of the Mini Eggs I got 20 years ago. You were probably still a babe in diapers then. ;))


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