Monday, March 28, 2011

My little helper. Not. Not. Not!

I've had a pile of graphic design work to do over the past several days. Gordon swanned off to Toronto for the weekend for a conference and Mommy-visit, so I spent a lot of time working. I did manage a three-hour Scrabble break with my friend Judy yesterday. As per usual, she won two games and I won one. She is the only person I know who consistently thrashes me at Scrabble. It's great! I love a challenge. Gordon takes too damn long to figure out words. :)

Annnyway, I was still plugging away on a rack card today. What's a rack card? It one of those 4" x 9" cards you see stuck in racks in tourist bureaus and such! I'm creating one for an 1812 war re-enactment taking place this August in Williamstown, Ontario. Williamstown is a lovely little village about ten minutes from my house. It is home to the Williamstown Fair,  which I have blogged about more than once! The fair will be celebrating its 200th edition this year.

Next year of course marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. We  Canadians like to say we thrashed you Americans, but we were still Brits then, and the war was really more of a draw than a thrashing. But we did burn down the White House!  Hoo yeah, baby! Kidding... I love my American friends.

Annnnyway, there are lots of re-enactments leading up to the anniversary, including the one for which I am designing this rack card. This event will feature the Glengary Light Infantry Fencibles. (Yes, one "r" in Glengary.)

But I digress. Mainly I wanted to show you pics of my little "helper", Naomi:


Note paw of ownership draped over my arm. Makes it hard to type!

"Yes? May I help you?"

Lordy, that sweatshirt does NOT flatter my silhouette.

"Can you stop taking photos of me and get back to stroking my luxuriant velvety fur? Thank you."

A note on the tea mug: my best friend Audrey gave that to me when I was in high school, and it is at least 32 years old. It has a chip on the rim and I of course never let guests drink out of it, but I am sentimentally attached to it! And I am still friends with Aud, up to 34 years now and counting.

I have to go watch Coronation Street now. Have a happy evening!


  1. Anonymous7:52 pm

    How cute! Naomi just wants to be in on the design process.

    Is that a "Hershey" sweatshirt you're wearing? Mmmm...chocolate.

  2. TTPT, good eye! I bought it in Hershey, PA when we drove down to MD in the fall of 2009.

    And Naomi just wanted food. ;)

  3. I get slaughtered in scrabble too, if it's not my husband it's my mother that always wins...I call my mother a walking encyclopedia..LOL! My husband is just lucky! I didn't know that when a cat puts her paw on your hand like that, there was a name for it? I love that, the paw of ownership! By the way I thought that egg was so cool in your last post, never saw one like that before. Have a nice week! :o)

  4. So nice that all your furry friends come and sit or lay with you when you are working. Hope you post a pic of your finished rack card.

    To have a friend that you remain in touch with and are still so close with for 34 years is so wonderful! I'm a tad envious but very happy for you. Take good care of that mug!

  5. Poor ol' Domino used to sit on my lap like that. Now I get Oreo but only for 10 minutes or so till she's had enough and then she scoots away! Naomi is so darn cute!

  6. The paw of ownership. Love it.

  7. Anonymous10:41 am

    What fun work you do! Your work room looks like a peaceful haven with the adorable Naomi "helping" you and the doggy stretched out luxuriously nearby. And tea. Mmmm.

    All is forgiven about the burning of the White House. There are many times I'd like to join with my Canadian friends ...

  8. Must be exciting to be a graphic artist. That Naomi is a gorgeous girl. I have never lived with, owned,or been owned by a tortie. I have helped find many a home for one but never lived with one. I,too have a friend of 34 years who lives in Toronto. Every time I see her it's like no time has passed. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  9. cats and warm keyboards DONT mix

  10. Poor Jennifer, my husband can relate to you as I usually slaughter HIM at Scrabble! :) YOu have a nice week too.

    Paula, it's a constant stream of pets in this office. And the mug has survived two cross-Canada (and many other) moves!

    Ronna, you must miss having a lap cat.

  11. CogDis, you are always welcome. I am setting up an American refugee camp in my barn. ;)))

    Deb, I had heard all sorts of "horror" stories about Torties, but Naomi is in fact the sweetest cat I have ever owned. SHe's manipulative but adorable, and she has never hissed at me, or scratched or bitten me in anger. She does lightly bite us in the morning if we don't get out of bed fast enough to feed her. Always hard enough to make you go "OW!" but never hard enough to leave a mark. Once she went for my belly button. Smart cat!

  12. John, they do not. She and Julius get annoying sometimes, walking on my keyboard, sitting on my Wacom tablet, blocking my view of the screen...


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