Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached 1,000!


Good GRIEF! Today I bring to you my THOUSANDTH blog post. Hard to believe that since starting this thing in February 2005 (back when I was living in suburban British Columbia and dreaming of my escape) I have put up 1,000 of these things. My first post was boring. My second one was about slugs. Post three involved bacon. The rest is history.

To celebrate this oh-so-momentous occasion, I'm throwing a moderately-exciting give-a-way. I have in my possession an unopened, brand new Blu-ray DVD of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" and oh yes, this delight could be YOURS, all YOURS. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and let me know that you'd like to be entered in the draw.

Now, it occurred to me that those of you outside North America usually can't play our DVDs on your whacked-out foreign equipment (am I wrong on that?) If you are one of wonderful outside-North-America readers, and you would like to enter the draw, but don't want the disk, leave a comment to that effect and if you DO win the draw, I will send you a MYSTERY GIFT. Nothing illegal or immoral or rank-smelling! And if you live outside North America and want the DVD anyway, you can let me know that too. We got the DVD free with our new flat-screen TV, but I have already seen this epic film and I know once was enough for me. I laughed, I cried, I developed a Gollum-esque lisp. The only movies  I watch repeatedly are It's a Wonderful Life and Babe.

Here is the pristine DVD. Dog not included! You need a Blu-ray DVD player to play this Blu-ray DVD. I'm sorry, I only have the Blu-ray version. If you don't have  a Blu-ray player, you can sell the DVD on Ebay or something.

(Okay, I know he's not Gollum. Whatever.)

Next week is gonna be busy for me, so let's say I'll make the draw the week of April 11th. That gives you plenty o' time to leave a comment and tell me that you want the DVD, or if you live outside North America, that you want the mystery gift. My able bearded assistant, aka my husband Gordon, will assist me by drawing a name at random out of a hat, or a bag or something!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading my blog! I love getting your comments, and I appreciate all my followers, and I thank all of you for visiting Knatolee's World, whether you stop in just once or come back repeatedly. Here's to 1,000 more posts.


  1. Happy 1,000th post kiddo! Please don't enter my name in the contest. As much as I like winning, I really HATED that film!!

  2. Wow! That's an amazing feat Knat! I've loved this blog from the cows to the bees. (I've never seen the film...you can enter me).

  3. Oooh I want a mystery gift! We already have all the movies since the husband is a big fan (of the books too).


  4. I've not yet taken the Blu-ray leap, but congrats on the milestone. (I hope the mystery gift is maple syrup!)

  5. First off, congratulations on having that much to say. Please throw my name into the hat....haven't seen it. I'm probably the only one. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  6. Sweetheart, I celebrate your Thousandth with nary a need of reward! You're a gift to all of Blogdom and we are just lucky to have you!

    On the other hand, that Mystery Gift has intrigued me....

    Clever girl :)

  7. DO NOT ENTER MY NAME IN THE DRAW! I'm just writing to congratulate on your 1000th post and to thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your world with mine.

    Cheers and yes, here's to 1000 more.

  8. JUST a thousand? What have you done with your time? Get going!More and faster...

    I'm teasing you, friend. You're writing a great blog with fascinating facts and photos.

    Don't put me in the draw. But give me a call when you visit Toronto. Best gift you could offer. Lifting my glass to the whole family. Be happy, y'all!

  9. We already own that movie, I think. But congratulations on your 1000 posts!!!

  10. Happy 1000th Nat,and no bluray in my place, but the mystery gift.

    Hope we see another 1000 and more.


  11. Congratulations on reaching 1000!
    Who knew there was so much to write about....and I have loved all your stories about bees, bacon, bearded husband, beasts (domesticated and not) and al!

    Don't enter me in the draw for the movie...but if there is a draw for the mystery gift...I'm in!

    You bring sunshine to my morning coffee!

  12. I've tried to look it up, but Google has failed me. Just what is the correct gift for a millennium anniversary? At any rate, congratulations.

    [No gift required; your friendship is gift enough.]

  13. Anonymous10:02 am

    I love your blog, Natalie! I'm in love with your animals and your beautiful home. Here's to at least 1,000 more. (and no need to enter me -- I've seen the movie).

  14. Well done on reaching 1,000!
    Please enter me for the mystery gift (I love surprises).

  15. You guys aren't going to make it easy for me to unload this movie, are you? :)

  16. Happy 1000! And may you have 1000 more!!! I'm NO WHERE near you, I've only got 262 posts. That's just child's play, not like you, you're the pro-blogger!!! Yeah!!!!

    OK, OK, all kidding aside, I don't do blu-Ray. Geeesss - don't tell anyone I'm way behind the tech-curve there! That's embarrassing! But I'll always accept a mystery gift. You know what I want, I'll take a couple honey bees to start my own hive. Can you put them in an envelope? Maybe a small box? And they'd have to be mailed super priority mail, poor guys. OK, OK, maybe bees aren't a good mystery gift...

    I think I've had too much sugar at lunchtime, can you tell???

    Happy 1000!!!

  17. wooo hooo! You rock, babe. I have a Blu-ray and only one Blu-ray specific disc. Send it over! Actually I'd rather have the dog, but since you're being so specific about it and all....

    Wait until she hits 1,000 Chicken Videos!


  18. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Congratulations! An AMAZING accomplishment. You have to share the credit with your animals, your art, your craftiness, your.... on never mind. You don't have to share it with anyone. Great job!

  19. Anonymous11:57 am

    Wow! Fantastic accomplishment, Natalie! Keep 'em coming!

    Movie? What is this "movie" of which you speak? (I don't get out much.)

    Mystery gift...hmmm...interesting!

  20. Congratulations Knatolee. May there be many more posts to come

  21. Geeeez you guys, what a love-fest. I'm blushing!! Thank you!!! :) Claude, I will let you know when I'm in T. O.

  22. That movie give away has me cracking up. I don't have blu-ray either and am not commenting for the gift.

    I just wanted to say happy 1000th, may you have 1000 more!

    My word verification is supreboy. I thought it was cool.

  23. Perhaps I should change it to, "Who can I pay to take this DVD?" Nah, at least a couple of people actually want it!

  24. Lynn, if I keep pouring maple syrup on everything like I have been, I'm going to high on sugar too! :)

  25. Hey Natalie, 1000 blog posts, that is epic. Perhaps we should be sending you the gifts to thank you for six years of posts.
    Six years, wow.....
    I have just sneaked in to the draw. Just as well I popped by for a visit.
    Please throw my hat in the ring for the mystery gift, seeing as thought I live a long way from North America...............
    Here's to the next 1000..........

  26. Epic or excessively verbose, Claire, I'm not sure which!! But consider yourself entered. :)

  27. Congrats Natalie! At the rate I'm blogging it will take me 20 years to get to 1,000. I enjoy your blog muchly and I have a lot of catching up to do since I have been too busy lately to bake/blog/read blogs.

    I'll pass on the drawing only because I don't have a Blue-ray player which is too bad because I've wanted to see that movie!


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