Thursday, March 10, 2011

Felted thistles

My friend Ronna asked me if I wanted to make a few things for the Glengarry Pioneer Museum gift shop this year. I said sure! I needed to come up with something quick to make and not too expensive, so I've tried some needle-felted thistle pictures.

This area is awash in Scots, descendants of Scots, wannabe Scots, and Gordon, my child-of-Glaswegians husband. Not to mention the Glengarry Highland Games. Ronna has previously made things with a thistle motif for the gift shop and they were popular, so I figured I'd try a few.

Getting bored with thistles now. Need to think of something else that says "Glengarry", besides a bagpiper!!


  1. Anonymous2:53 pm

    "This area is awash in Scots, descendants of Scots, wannabe Scots..."

    Oh dear. Sorry about that. Not many Canadians over here from what I can see. Not really a fair exchange. I'm not sure if you got the best or the worst of us.

  2. I love these! :)

  3. They are wonderful! I love to felt too!

  4. Thanks all! Needle-felting is new for me and it's fun, except when I hit my finger and draw blood.

    H. insciens, it's fine! I quite like the Scots. :) You'd probably get a laugh driving around here (Gordon's Scottish cousin did when she visited!). All the Scottish names on villages, Loch this and Loch that, bagpiper statues in Maxville, tartan banners... my Irish grandparents would spin in their graves, but not as much as my English grandparents would! ;)

  5. Wow! Donald Clan, here! Gotta have it!

  6. You always do such nice work, Knatolee.

    Scots are good, specially when it's mixed with French blood, like my great-great-great-great-great grand-father and his French-Canadian girl from Gaspé. Look at me. I didn't turn out too bad....

  7. have a hankering for a wee bitty shortbread now:) nice work!

  8. Hey Natalie, love the thistles, great job with the needle felting and the colours are wonderful.

    Looks like you've had fun making them.

    Can't believe you still have so much snow over there. Beautiful pics from your walk with the dogs.
    I have just bought myself a wrist brace, so it was interesting to read that you use one. Too much enthusiastic crocheting.............. Have started my first ever rug and going great guns until the RSI flared up.

    Shall be back into it now but maybe a little less enthusiastically, have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  9. Anonymous9:17 am

    Those are gorgeous! My grandpa was from Scotland.

  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Believe it or not, this area of NC was settled by Scots. Grandfather Mountain has highland games every year.

    Your thistles are so pretty! You have talent oozing from all pores, don't you! WOW!

  11. So cute! Love that blue.

  12. Adorable Natalie!

  13. Loulou, lucky you with Scottish blood! :) We laugh because my hubby (a Campbell) bought this farm from a MacDonald ("Big Angus MacDonald farm") Somewhere, Scottish ancestors are spinning in their graves over a MacDonald selling property to a murderous Campbell!

  14. Claude, thank you. And you turned out PERFECT!

    Lauren, yum, shortbread!

  15. Thank you Claire! I have just started needle-felting and enjoy it. I want to do some sculptures.

    We can have snow in April here but we're in a bit of a thaw now. I remember attending music camp in 1980, a few hours north of Toronto. It was early June, and it snowed. Not a lot, but it was snow. Augh!

    Btw,I find it helpful to sleep with the wrist brace on when I'm having issues. Seems to help faster!

  16. CogDis, do you know where in Scotland?

    Marylee, "oozing", wow, thank you! :) And those Scots, they get around, don't they?

    Lindsay, the blue was hubby's favourite too.

    And thank you Paula!


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