Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My little helpers... not!

I took these photos the other day when I was felting thistles. I have since cleaned up my table and rid it of furry creatures.

"Naomi, it is not healthy to eat felting needles!"

"Oh fine. I'll just sit on your lap then."

"Let's all worship Alex. O Divine Three-Legged Mound of Feline Corpulence, how we adore Thee!"

"Worship: nothing less than I deserve!"


  1. They're cuties!!

  2. Alex is on gorgeous kitty.
    ...and very regal too!

  3. In their eyes we live for them. Oh well, good thing they are cute. They always add humour to my day.

  4. Anonymous10:19 am

    I can read Naomi's thoughts:

    Top picture "It's clearly not edible so what's the point?"

    2nd picture: "Not a bit of sense in her human head at all - I'm outta here"

  5. The are so cute!!! My cat Bert is the same way. He needs me to hold him every second of every day! Even if im sitting writing an email at the computer, he insists I get up to hold him!

  6. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Alex's BEHIND shot looks just like it was patterned after Miss Piggy's.

    Quite regal looking in that last picture. You tagged it accurately!

  7. Thanks Ronna and Elisabeth!

    And Deb, you are so right. We are slaves to da kitties.

    H. insciens, I believe your interpretation is spot-on.

    Garden Girl, does Bert stand in front of your computer screen when he wants attention? That is a favourite trick of both Julius and Naomi. Alex would probably do it too, but he's no good at jumping up on my desk, due to his missing hind leg!

  8. Marylee, Alex has quite the BEHIND! :D

  9. Haha... cats always play mummy's little hinderers

    As I type, Bebe and Robyn are sprawled over the jigsaw the not wife is doing

  10. Knatolee- Yes, Bert stands anywhere he can get a foothold! Including on the computer. He will not just settle on sitting on my lap, he makes me get up and pick him up! He has the most annoying meow, so naturally it always works!

  11. Anonymous6:37 pm

    That air of authority that all cats have comes shining through!

  12. cats and company!!!!

  13. Jams, "Mummy's little hinderers", I love that. They shall be called that from now on!

    Garden Girl, cats are just too smart!! They know how to get what they want, when they want it.

  14. That's the wonderful thing about cats - they know exactly where their place is in the world - right on top and in the middle of everything. My right arm of my robe is completely tattered care of Hercules - he waits until I'm in the middle of breakfast to place his little furry paw on my arm - extend his needle-like claws and pull out the loopie bits. Life is tidier without animals, but not nearly as much fun.

  15. Barbara, wonderfully said, and too true! :)


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