Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Put me the hell down, woman!

Ya think that my 14 lbs of furry love wants his photo taken?

That'd be a "No!" Cats, master of the pissed-off look. Love that Alex. He despises being held.

Don't mind my wrist brace. When my wrist gets fatigued, I slap on that thingy. It seems to help. Using my hands less would also help. Too much rug-hooking, needle-felting, drawing, computing, wallpaper-stripping and log-into-furnace loading!


  1. That wrist brace is your badge of honour! Now that cat on the other hand, if he had put in even a fraction of the effort you do , might have earned that pissed off look! too adorable all the same :)

  2. I hope your wrist feels better soon. That cat has a wrathful look in his eyes!

  3. Alex doesn't look too happy...
    We couldn't get a pic of us holding Jerry, who looks kinda like Alex. Never gonna happen...

    You know, there for a while I had a problem with my back and it manifested itself as a problem with my arm/wrist. I thought it was a carpal tunnel issue, my wrist hurt when I typed or used my fingers. I put on a wirist brace which made it feel better. After a doctor looked at it I ended up in physical therapy for an upper back problem. It was just a messed up back/shoulder. Exercising fixed the back/shoulder issue. Who knew it's all connected? Hope you are ok, too!

  4. Now there's a poor hard done by cat if that expression is anything to go by!

    Hope the support helps the wrist

  5. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Alex would probably much rather be snuggling with Naomi!

    Take care of those clever hands of yours!

  6. That is an AWESOME angry cat face.
    If that was my cat Tux making that face, the human holding him would be in danger of losing their face. Luckily, Tux likes to be picked up and snuggled... unless you're my five year old niece. Then he makes that face...

  7. Hee hee, Alex is master of the "I'm so hard done by" look, Lauren! He's also the laziest pet I have ever had.

    Ahab, thanks for the thoughts. My wrists are my Achilles heels, so to speak. A bit of tendonitis now and then but no carpal tunnel, thank goodness. Saw my massage therapist today... she always fixes me up!

    Which brings me to Lynn. It always amazes me when my massage therapist is working on, say, my shoulder, and I can feel it down to my finger tips. Everything is connected, it's so true!! I was not designed to sit on my butt in a chair all day. I try to get up often, but it's never enough.

  8. Jams, Alex sucked us in at the animal shelter with his hard-done-by look. Once he was home, pffft, "What do I need you stinking humans for?"

    ANd TTPT, he would DEFINITELY rather be snuggling with Naomi!

    My hands/wrists need a vacation (not to mention a manicure!) It'll help when firewood season is over.

    WanderingCat, so Tux is not a fan of small children, eh? :))


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