Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family portrait

Okay, so only one member of the furry family was in attendance for this, and she was reluctant. And doesn't Gordon look evil in this photo? Just what is that man up to??

(My goal today is to clean off that damn desk!)

"Put me the hell down, or feel the wrath of my razor-sharp claws. Which would be considerably more razor-sharp if you hadn't cornered me with that damn claw-cutter the other night!"

Poor Naomi, so abused...


  1. Cute. I have to say that poor Naomi looks a little more evil than Gordon (in her second shot at least). Have fun with organizing the desk. Don't you love Spring cleaning! I do :)

  2. Poor Naomi! I can see the wrath in her eyes.

  3. Cuties all of you!

  4. So sweet! Your kitty is gorgous, love his coloring.

  5. Oh I think Naomi is going to do something very bad to you while you sleep tonight....

  6. Naomi is ready to jump off the screen...I don't know if it's to attack one of us, or to run away to a quiet refuge. The humans look quite safe and happy. Bonne semaine à toute la maisonnée!

  7. oh kitty...I used to call that "making the face" ! As for Gordon also "making the face" are you sure its Scots in him and not those wee little people the Irish talk about :)? LOL

  8. Oh boy...Naomi has that look that says don't you know I am the boss and not you????.... wait...when you least expect it.....

  9. Anonymous11:35 am

    Anyone who has the nerve to trim cat's claws is a superhero!

    And hey, after seeing that woodchopping post of yours, I'm thinking the damn desk should be a breeze!

  10. Anonymous7:51 pm


  11. Paula, I think I have to agree. And Gordon's claws aren't as sharp, ha ha.

    Ahab, cats are good at wrath! This morning she was whacking my mouth with her paw to tell me to get the hell out of bed and feed her! :)

    Ronna, you have your colony o' cuties.

    Thanks Jennifer! Love those Tortoise shell kitties.

    Wandering Cat, she likes to stick a claw inside my nostril. :P

    Don't worry Claude, Naomi loves her French auntie in T.O.! :)

    Lauren, it's possible the Irish in me has rubbed off on Gordon after all the years. :)

  12. Marylee, the desk is looking better now. And it's very easy to trim Alex and Naomi's claws. I started when they were young and they are amazingly good. When the vet trimmed Naomi's claws, she just sat there limply, looking bored. He couldn't believe it.

    Trimming Julius' claws, however, is a recipe for bloodshed...


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