Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Walking along the road

Yesterday,  instead of snowshoeing, I took the dogs for a leash-walk along the road.

The sky was dramatic around 4:30 pm!
Ye olde homestead. That tall tree on the right is the white spruce I mentioned in my blog post the other day.

The dogs were patient but must have wondered why I kept stopping to take photos!

Can you spot our house and the tall white spruce?

The sun and clouds were very pretty as I walked west.

Our next-door neighbour's farm. Our place is on the other side of that line of hardwood trees.

They are replacing some of the hydro poles on our road. This one was lying in the snow for quite a while before they finally put it up.

As you can see, winter's not quite done yet. And we have a snowfall warning on for another 15 - 20 cm. Then it's going to rain, oh joy. What a mess that'll be!

The weast side of our farm. Everything covered in snow is ours, and our woodlot is at the back.

These poles are at the end of our laneway, waiting to be put up.

A local farmer named Bernie does a great job of keeping our laneway clear of snow!

Sophie loves the snow!

So does Tristan.

Home again. This is quite a typical century farmhouse in Ontario. The richer farmers built with brick! Our place has vinyl siding now (we will replace it with wood one day, because we prefer it) but originally it was side with tin panels.

Have a good one!


  1. Very nice but I am glad there isn't snow here!

  2. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Great photos. A lovely walk out. Thanks for taking me. I think I am in love. (With the dogs).

    I also learned a new word. I have heard of roadway, driveway, pathway and highway, but never "laneway"

  3. Great photos, Nat! Thanks for sharing. I love the snow on the doggie's snout!

  4. Lovely photos.
    Until I started blogging I didn't have much concept of the weather in other countries, so it's nice to see what's happening overseas.

  5. Lucky dogs!
    Sophie and Tristan look the perfect picture of dog happiness.
    You live in a dreamy setting.

  6. I love brilliantly sunny days on fresh, untouched snow! It makes for beautiful pictures. Your farmhouse is gorgeous, Knatolee!
    What is it about snow and dogs - Roxy runs around in it like she's at the beach!
    I feel like I just got back from a long, refreshing walk with you. :-)

  7. It looks so peaceful and quiet there. And COLDDDD.

    Hmmm, I feel like a just got back from a nice long walk with you and the dogs, too. You know, I'm trying to quit cursing, and I've decided that for every curse words I say, I need to walk or run 1 mile. And so I'm keeping a list of miles - right now it's up to Nine! I started this yesterday. Can I make my "walk" with you count??!!


  8. Jams, now you are missing the lovely spectacle of heavy rainfall on snow. What a MESS.

    H. insciens, it was really a great day for a walk. Not too cold. Today, not so much! And I had to train myself to call it a "laneway." WHen I moved here, I called it a "driveway", but all the local farmers laughed at me and told me no, no, it's a laneway. So I have finally conformed! "Laneway" seems to apply to the long farm driveways hereabouts!

  9. Ronna, both those dogs LOVE to stick their heads in the snow.

    Little Blue Mouse, I bet you're appreciating your spring right now, aren't you? ;)

    Elisabeth, those dogs really do have a great farm life.

  10. Farmgirl, dogs are funny with snow, aren't they? Both my dogs like to roll in it. No thanks!! And thanks for the compliment on the house. It's in very good shape but we want to re-do all the tired decor inside, and strip the rest of the floors (all the original 100+-year-old maple.) It takes time. We blew a wad fixing up the barn and granary, so the house is taking a while.

  11. Oh Lynn, if I tried to quite cursing, I'd have to run 20 miles a day... good luck with that! And yes, absolutely your walk with me counts, 100%!

    And thank you Vicki. :)

  12. Well, it takes patience, love and a heck of a lot of $$ to do old farmhouse restorations. It sounds like yours is just going to get better and more beautiful over time!

  13. Farmgirl, we were lucky in that the former owners have done the bulk of the work (all new ceilings, new kitchen, new furnace, etc etc) Really we just have a few floors to strip, and some wallpaper-stripping and painting to do, and some other relatively-minor decor things. We were lucky to find this place. When we were looking for a farm to buy, we saw some REALLY sad farmhouses. It was hard to find a combination of a good house, good outbuildings and good land, but finally did it! :)

  14. Where's the LIKE button? I'm liking the sound of "good house, good outbuildings and good land" - sounds perfect! :)

  15. Lynn, we're pretty happy. This land isn't as good as the land closer to the St. Lawrence River. It's very rocky and thus the farmers love that chemical-laden no-till crop planting! Still, it's not bad. We have visions of turning this farm into a pollinator sanctionary, which of course will make all the local farmers roll their eyes. :)


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