Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars that suck, and sundaes that don't...

I'm sorry, but the Oscars last night SUCKED. Big time! And oddly, we watched them to the bitter end. Some years we don't watch the Academy Awards at all, and I can't remember the last time I stayed up for the whole shebang. I think we stuck it out this year because it was like watching some hideous traffic accident; you knew you should just look away, but your eyes were magnetically drawn to the spectacle. Plus Gordon and I both had our netbooks out and were having an impromptu Facebook Oscar party with our friends during the whole show. Some of the comments were scathingly hilarious. Bring on the F-bombs.

The other thing that made it all bearable was our annual tradition, invented by Gordon about a decade ago: The Oscar Sundae...

 Vanilla ice cream, homemade hot fudge sauce, pecans, bananas and toasted coconut. But we forgot the whipped cream.

It almost made James Franco bearable. Almost. He could have dunked himself in hot fudge sauce and slathered on whipped cream and I still wouldn't have found him appetizing.

And here's a much cuter couple that Anne Hathaway and James "I smoked a cucumber-sized spliff in the limo on the way over" Franco...

Still watching those chickadees.

Sometimes Julius gets a turn!

Happy Monday.


  1. Ah the sundae is clearly the best bit! Our tradition is to watch the Eurovision Song Contest each May

  2. I read they were horrible -- so glad I missed it. But that sundae looks fantastic!

  3. Uhoh- looks likes someone's putting the moves on Naomi!

  4. So, does some brainless hack still have to ask red-carpet dignitaries "who are you wearing"?

  5. I never watch them to boring... That sundae however looks like it could take home an oscar! yum!

  6. What decadent ice cream sundaes! I want one!

  7. Jams, you know what's funny about that? In 1976 I was visiting my grandmother in England, and the Eurovision song contest was on. We all watched it. 35 years later, I still have France's song running through my head on a regular basis (Un, Deux, Trois). I looked it up on Wikipedia and indeed I did remember the song correctly, even though it didn't win! ANyway, I have fond memories of that contest. That trip was the last time I saw my Nanny alive.

  8. CogDis, they were bad and boring as hell! Never again! The fun part was cracking jokes on Facebook throughout.

    Wandering Cat, Alex is always putting the moves on that girl. :)

    HWB: Yes!

    Jennifer, you're smart. They're brutal. But the sundaes were great.

    Ahab, if you were closer I'd make you one.

  9. Mmm, that sundae looks delicious!

  10. That Sundae looks delicious and what a sweet way to make the Oscars more palatable. I watched most of the show as well and when Billy Chrystal came out I wished that he was doing the hosting again. I think they tried to appeal to a younger audience but the producers missed their mark with both the young and the older viewing audience.

  11. It's probably because I haven't watched them in years (couldn't stay up until we retired and became Night People), but DH and I thought the Oscars were highly entertaining! Call us easy. We watched every second, even the ads.

    Franco flubbed and Adorable Anne knocked herself out to make up for him. The harder he tanked, the harder she flapped. Hollywood history.

    The auto-tune was fun, the musical stuff looked fabulous as long as the lights weren't on.

    Ya know, Kirk Douglas and the ever-unbelievable Annette Bening made every minute worth it.

    Gawd, I wish I ate sundaes! I got a vicarious sugar high just looking at it.

  12. Nance, I have to say, I do like Anne! But I felt like she killing herself trying to make up for Mr. Stoneface there next to her. Kirk Douglas was something else, wasn't he? He's what, 94? I hope I'm that with-it when I'm 64!

  13. Paula, I complete agree with your analysis. ANd I got all nostalgic when I saw Billy! :)


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