Monday, February 21, 2011

Meyer Lemon Scones and "Count the Pets!"

Somehow, I found Meyer lemons for sale at a supermarket in Cornwall, ON. I still can't get over it. At any rate, I bought a bag and looked for a recipe. I found a tasty one for Meyer Lemon Scones at Farmgirl Fare.
MMMMMmmmmmm! I love scones.

The recipe made eight scrumptious triangles, but we've been cutting them in half as they are HUGE.

Meanwhile, back in my office, every single pet but the gecko (who turns 18 this spring!) was hanging out. Can you find all five?
Let me just reiterate, for the thousandth time, how much I loathe that wallpaper. Eventually it will be burned. Right now I am just finishing up stripping the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. It's not easy, because most of the walls that were papered over in this century home (fortunately not EVERY room!) are the original plaster, and it's all damaged. Every time I take on a wallpaper stripping project, we have to budget for the subsequent wall repair (which is beyond my meager plastering capabilities!) 

The only saving grace is that so far, I've only found a max of two layers of wallpaper on a wall. I've heard of some old houses with ten layers!

But anyway, enough ranting about wallpaper. How many pets do you see? (Sorry, the office was a bit of a mess at the time!)


  1. Scones look great. Counted all your critters except the gecko. And...your office ain't a mess at all!

  2. I think you may have stumbled upon a secret pet union meeting. Though they are doing a good job of looking rather nonchalant and shall we even go as far as saying innocent?

  3. Five!

    And I would kill for Meyer lemons and my love of scones is so huge, I can't even eat them. I realize that made no sense; it must be some remnant of a religious Southern childhood that emphasized self-denial. Anyway, I've about had it with self-denial, so I want the scones, the lemons, and the recipe.

    Should I be worried about the gecko?

    p.s. My work verification is "coaclo." Now, I AM worried.

  4. The scones look so yummy! I like anything lemon...Your pets are adorable, my cats lay around the same way...our cat max is forever laying on the desk on top of paper...I just think he likes paper, he'll chew on it and paw it... your cats are gorgous! love the orange one's coloring and all the fluff...have a nice day! Jennifer

  5. Five lovely pals waiting for you to join them.
    Your office looks great to me.
    I do not have a space of my own in my tiny city appartement and have to make do with my dining room table. So ugly, or no ugly paper, I am envious of this space with all its critters!

  6. By the way, the scones looked delicious! I hope you have double cream to go with that! (oh that lovely cream from England)

  7. The house I grew up in had at least 10, if not more, layers of wall paper. I'm pretty sure if someone stripped the house would fall down!

  8. Those scones look delicious!
    I nearly missed the cat on the printer.

  9. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Thanks for the recipe! Definitely going to try those. Your animals love you. What a cozy place.

  10. Anonymous7:50 am

    I made butterscotch scones yesterday. I'll try this one next!

    I DETEST removing wallpaper. My sympathies!

  11. I LOVE scones! This past fall I was making scones a couple times a week. I couldn't get enough!

  12. Good job Ronna! The gecko was in the other room. She's not allowed to mingle with the cats.

    Lauren, I think you may have hit the nail on the head there. They do look a little TOO innocent, don't they?

    LouLou, you deserve Meyer Lemon scones! (Did you see the link to the recipe?) If you were closer, or at least in the same country, I'd make you some! :) And no worries about the leopard gecko. She is doing amazingly well!

  13. Jennifer, thank you!:) Cats are the best, aren't they? (Don't tell my dogs I said that!)

    Elisabeth, I do like having a big office with two windows and a view! And CLOTTED CREAM, that's what I need!!

    Wandering Cat, ten layers!! I feel better now.

    Little Blue Mouse, the printer is warm which is I think why he likes it. It's also 15 years old! A very good Apple Postscript printer.

    CogDis, I often wonder if the animals love me, or love the things I do for them (food, walkies, scritchies, cuddles, treats, toys). They are a bunch of hairy opportunists! :)

  14. Marylee, BUTTERSCOTCH! That sounds wonderful. Is there a recipe? I shall check your blog.

    David, good scones are a gift from the baking gods...

  15. I've wanted to try this, but haven't gotten around to it yet:

  16. those scones look YUM!

  17. Jim, that looks AMAZING. Yummmmmmmm!

    PP, I wish I could send you some.


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