Friday, February 18, 2011

No bacon jokes allowed!

My friend, who runs a dog- and cat-boarding business, is looking after an adorable young pet pig for two weeks. I went over yesterday to feed him an apple and take a few photos...

"Am I not a very handsome pig?"

"And I really like this apple!"

"If you're not going to give me another apple, I'm going to snuffle around in my bedding."

 "And thank you for the drink of water!"

"Will you come back tomorrow and bring me another apple?"

And a video of me talking nonsense to yet another animal...


  1. Hi Nat,

    so when are you getting piggies?

    They are really tasty, the bacon and young pork ribs and.........:-)

  2. A very handsome pig indeed.

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  4. That has to be the best babysitting job in the world! That snorting! That snout! Your friend is lucky.

  5. Well...I also eat apples very noisily. So I forgive Hammy!

  6. I would never make more bacon jokes; that would just be rasher.


  7. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I am not generally a fan of pigs but he is adorable.

  8. Willie, what am I going to do with you? Next you'll be wanting to eat my dogs!!

    Ahab, he is!

    Greetings Teuvo, thank you for visiting!

    SugarCreek, we went over yesterday to visit. Pea Pea came out to spend time with us, then lay down in front of the woodstove and had a nap. He's SO cute!

    That is very kind of you, Claude!

    HWB, painful but funny.

    CogDis, he's very sweet, very clean, and no trouble apparently.

  9. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Now I won't feel so bad next time someone tells me I've got a face like a pig. (It has can happen).

  10. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Oh dear, I am mangling my words a bit tonight, sorry (has can happen?). Time to sleep.....

  11. H. i., pigs are very cute! Such adorable wiggly little noses and tails. No problem with mangling words; I usually read them correctly anyway!


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