Friday, February 04, 2011

Yep, it's February

I enjoyed snowshoeing yesterday in the copious amounts of fluffy snow, all sparkling in the sun. The dogs had a blast.

"Yes. I admit it. I heard a meadow vole under the snow and I wanted to kill it, but it was too fast for me! They make a nice light snack, you know."

And things are slowly being buried behind the barn.

 Nice ice!

 The wind blew the snow all smooth across the fields...


...and carved out the edges of the drainage ditch..

...through which we all scampered! Okay, well, I didn't scamper. I plodded.

 "I told you. I didn't kill it. I'm innocent!"

What a cute couple! I still can't decide if they act more like husband and wife, or brother and sister. They definitely have their moments either way.

 The noble Vizslador (Vizsla + Labrador), aka Labradorable

 I like his snowy beard.

I'm still not sure if he was standing or lying down here. He stopped dead for a minute to take a break!

 From down in the ditch!

 I liked these reflections on the snow.

A lone tree.

Note head-sized hole in snow. Sophie isn't the only mighty hunter around here. However, Tristan is the only one who was ever stupid enough to try to bag a porcupine.

How you southerners survive without a good hard winter, I'll never know! ;))


  1. Lovely pictures. I really want to pat those dogs and given them a little ruffle and scratch behind their ears, but they are a bit too far away. You'll have to do it for me please.

  2. That photo of a smooth, snow-swept landscape was haunting and beautiful. Thanks again for the lovely photos.

  3. Great photos, what a lovely sunny day.

  4. It makes me laugh to compare your dogs happily running, jumping and burying themselves in the snow, with the sissy Toronto dogs with "cute" little booties and woolen coats, as soon as ONE snowflake falls from the sky.

    Thank you so much for your get well wishes. I can hear the bee buzzing among the beautiful summer flowers. Please, tell Natalie Rowe she is a great artist!

  5. Woooow! I wish i was there... I haven't experienced snow since the age of 6!!

  6. Yes, the day after the's always so innocent. I love the way the wind sculpts the snow. Your dogs are so well-off.

  7. This Southerner would reciprocate with some really cute rain pictures if such a thing were possible.

    Wish I were there!

  8. H. i., the ruffles and scratches have been duly delivered!

    My pleasure to share, Ahab. I find it pretty breathtaking out there at times. Winter is definitely the most dramatic for vistas!

    Little Blue Mouse, it was gorgeous. Clouding over now and more snow on the way.

    Claude, so nice to see you back! Hope you are feeling much better. Our dogs are TOUGH, not sissy city dogs. :) They love the gerat ideas. And thank you, as always, for your kind words and compliments.

    Angel, where did you see snow?

    Fran, I think the dogs are more spoiled than I am...

    Nance, cute rain pictures are tough. Maybe a little wet frog under a leaf or something... ;)

  9. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Oooooooo again Excellent pictures. a few blogs back, i didn't mention that i really liked the one of the snow accumulating on T's back. :) .... excellent!! .... which reminds's a burning question i've had for quite while... do you get a kind of notice if there are posts to past blogs or do you have to look through them to see if there are any new ones? sometimes i'm so behind on checking these out, but see things i want to comment on, BUT then i think you'll never see the comment. (maybe i've asked this before?)

    ok anyway, my faves here ... although ALL are just absolutely beautiful ... the icicles against the barnwood...and there is just a touch of red on the stem of that plant. ..and then the one of S and T ...i love the angles they're at and the low sun illuminating them both..excellent. and the one with the hedge row or row of young trees shadows on the bank.

    Ooooooo....they are all really excellent. I've really enjoyed looking at them.

    oh AND ... there's that section at the bottom called 'You might also like' and the last one is a picture of an egg on a plate. i got the most overwhelming urge to go make a poached egg, but since it's 7:30pm i suppose i'll resist. :))

  10. Dr. Sloth, copies of the comments get emailed to me for that very reason, so that I never miss any! :) SO comment away. Me lovessss the comments!
    I think I'll have a poached egg for breakfast. I wish I could bring you some eggs, but I know that wouldn't go over well with Air Canada, nor Mexican authorities! :)

  11. Gorgeous!!! The dogs are fun. I bet running thru the snow like that wore them out! And they look like they were having a blast! I miss having dogs, we don't have any. I grew up with dogs. But alas, for now, just cats and chickens and guineas...

    We are supposed to get a MAJOR snow storm this week. I'll post some pics! It wont be anything like the snow you get as you are WAYYY north, I like to call our snow the wash DC city sissy snow.


  12. Anonymous10:54 am

    OK! that's good to know about the email/posts.

    and yeah ...don't think eggs would make it though customs :) sadly.

    when i go to england i do get a chance to have home-grown eggs. way up in scotland some farms have little boxes and the end of their lanes where you can just pick up the eggs and leave money for them. hard to believe that works nowadays but there it is. i don't suppose too many crummy unscrupulous people manage to get that far out in the country anyway.

    oh and in most of the grocery stores you can get free-range and we've even bought these splendid little ... ok you have one of these chickens Devonshire Blues??? can't remember exactly but they have blue egg shells. Delicious eggs.

    how was your poached egg? :) (Nige wants to have chickens one day...he mentioned it again last night...must be true LOVE!! hahah)

  13. Lynn, I think you have enough animals to keep you going! Did the snow storm show up?

    Dr. Sloth, you said "splendid". I can tell you've been spending time in the UK! :) I haven't heard about Devonshire blues but I want some blue layers... Auracaunas, or Amerucaunas?

    My poached egg was creamy and tasty! :D

  14. what lovely photos, and the doggies are certainly adorable :)

  15. Anonymous2:56 am

    Hi, came across this when looking at Vizslador, can you tell me what he is like? I know he looks stunning but what is he like inside! Seen some Vizslador puppies, we are considering getting a boy. x

  16. He is a great dog, laid-back. He has a lot of Vizsla traits, like being a velcro dog who follows me everywhere. He's very quiet and cuddly. But he likes to hunt small rodents! :0 He also love to swim like a Lab. A great dog. We rescued him and Sophie at age five after their family had to give them up. Tristan originally came from a pet store (ugh) and is not an example of quality breeding (!) but we love him anyway.


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