Thursday, February 17, 2011

Amherst Island, part 2

A continuation of yesterday's post..

In the Owl Woods on Amherst Island, we saw no owls. But we did see many, many, MANY...


...chickadees! Hungry, tame chickadees looking for a handout. My very favourite photo!

And we were glad to oblige!

 Happy Wombat Boy and Nature Boy shared their peanuts and sunflower seeds with us. Nature Boy counted something like 20 chickadees flocking around us at one point!

 There are three chickadees in this photo. Can you find them all?

 I am in love. It was a test to see how long I could keep my glove off without getting frostbite in the bitter wind. Yeah, you can feed them with gloves on, but then you don't get to feel their dainty little feet dancing on your palm!

 There's not much in life that makes me happier than this, being in nature with two cute little birds in my hand, with good friends and my hubby near by!

 "This will just not do! Where is my caviar?"

This chickadee was flummoxed by Nature Boy's test-offering of chocolate-covered raisins. She (he?) spurned them in disgust. No problem; more for us humans!

I have never seen anything quite like it. Chicka-palooza!

 Three, count 'em, three in Gordon's hand!

For the record, my nose is red from cold, not alcohol.

And another video for you!

We also saw a Rough-Legged hawk, some American kestrels, Common Goldeneyes (ducks), a couple of Buffleheads, a red-tailed hawk, and some house sparrows. A good day was had by all!


  1. I love all those cutie chickadees. Fun birds. Fun pix!!

    Love, love, love the video.
    I had this experience (feefing the birds) in Beauharnois QC once. Must check out Amherst island!

  3. Chickadees!!! Those photoes are adorable!

  4. What wonderful shots. I love Tits such delightful birds

  5. Why does nobody hold out their hand and let me eat from it eh? Just cos I'm over six foot high and got no feathers does that mean I can't be "cute"? It's not fair. I need to find a 100 foot high giant to spoil me. I really do.

  6. Wonderful! And did you nearly have four on your hand at once?

    Until I started reading your blog I didn't know chickadees were birds, I thought it was just a term of endearment. I grew up in the 60s and there were a lot of old films on the TV and I remember WC Fields saying my little chickadee.

  7. Awww, this is incredible! The experience alone is amazing, but to be able to get such wonderful pictures of it, too!
    I was able to get some shots of my husband about a month ago with chickadees eating from his hand next to the feeder on our deck, but it was only one at a time.
    Look how happy you look, too!
    :-) :-)

  8. Omigosh! I can SO feel the joy of your day! What a wonderful post , thankyou for sharing !!!

  9. they look like great tits
    ( do you have tits over there?)

  10. I'd risk frostbite too just to have those beauties on my hand.

  11. Lovely photos!

    I have never had birds eating out of the palm of my hand...

  12. Elisabeth, the amazing thing was how MANY chickadees there were. They were really hungry!

    Ahab, chickadees are my favs for sure.

    Jams, me too!

    H. insciens, if you come to Canada and hold out your hand, I will drop a doughnut in it. I'm sure you're exceedingly cute.

  13. LBM, I did have four in my hand at once, although I'm not sure if I got a photo of that. Gordon did too. It was unbelievable. And chickadees are the same type of bird as an English tit. I remember visiting my uncle in England once, and he had Blue tits fledging from his nestbox the day I left. So sweet!

  14. Farmgirl, I've managed to tame some at our place, but it's nothing like that frenzy last weekend!

    Lauren, they made us very happy.

    John, chickadees are related to tits, but we don't have any birds we call tits (probably because North Americans are uptight and can only associate that word with part of the female anatomy!!) We do have several varieties of chickadee. The closest we get to name a bird a tit is the Tufted Titmouse!

  15. SugarCreek, when I could not longer feel the ends of my fingers, I put my gloves back on for a bit! :)

    Jim, you must have chickadees down where you are. If there are any parks or nature reserves near you that have chickadees flying around, just find a quiet spot near them and stand with your hand out. YOu have to be patient, especially at first. I was told you shouldn't wear bright colours, but I've tamed our chickadees at the farm while wearing that bright red coat of mine.

    Gordon usually lacks the patience for this stuff, so I tamed them and now they come to him as well.

  16. I just made Mike come over and check out your photos -- we have chickadees at our feeders but they often get chased away by the sparrows and finches. A little territorial battle going on in our backyard. I can't believe how they will land on your hands. I gotta give that a try!

  17. I have always wanted to feed hand-tamed Chickadees! I tried to hand feed the ones in my backyard when I had a backyard, but I just didn't have time to get them used to me. What great photos. I really want to do this. I do!!

  18. CogDis, all it takes, really, is patience. Here are some good instructions:

    Also it helps to stand as still as possible. Don't stare at the chickadee at first, and try not to swallow or show your teeth. :) Once they've got you figured out, they are less cautious and don't seem to care if you move a bit or look at them or whatever.

  19. Kelly, check out the link I posted in the previous comment. It is so fun feeding them in your hand. They love peanuts and black oil sunflower seeds.

  20. This post has made me fall in love with chickadees. I can't even handle the cuteness!

  21. David, they are SO SWEET! But boy, are they fierce with each other. They were knocking each other off our hands!


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