Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I have done a couple of "ruglets" lately (teeny tiny hooked-rug wallhangings.)

 This one was for my friend Ronna. I traded it for this great piece of her folk art on wood.

 I forget the measurements. Something like 6" x 6" or 7" x 7". You can't get too much detail in a rug hooking this small, but I took a stab at it.

It's a rendition of Ronna's adorable cat Nutmeg, aka Nutty:
Photo by Ronna!

I also hooked, on request, a "buglet":

It's the immature stink bug that sparked a relationship that is now in, I believe, its third year. More than that, I cannot say. A lady never tells.

But I WILL say that one never knows what might happen when I put somethin' on my blog!

The snow's been falling steadily on and off all day today. We'll see what the grand snow total adds up to.


  1. Nutty has never looked better! I'm posting almost the excat same thing tomorrow (sans stink bug). Thanks for the ruglet. Love it to bits!

  2. That is one psychadelic-looking stink bug.

  3. The ruglets are sooo cute! I'm going to have one of your works of art in my house one day!

  4. Great ruglets. You've got Nutmeg's likeness to a T.

  5. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Love these! You have so many talents, Natalie. Nutty looks positively regal.

  6. Anonymous10:53 am

    What a pretty cat! You are so talented, Natalie. Beautiful work!

  7. My pleasure, Ronna. I love my painting, too.

    Ahab, I totally agree! They are less exciting when mature.

    Wandering cat, thank you!

    Litte Blue, it helped having met the Divine Miss Nutmeg in person.

    TTPT, thank you for the kind words. Nutty is a one of kind kitty. She is often featured in Ronna's art as well.

    CogDis, thanks so much. :)

    Michele, almost as adorable as your little guy!

  8. Do tell about the stink bug!!! I have been wanting to make a post on stink bugs so bad. We have been overtaken by them this year! They are everywhere! Everyday I sweep them up off my wood floors. I have no idea how they get in the house, but it's an old house with lots of cracks, and they have moved in. Ugh!!!

  9. Lynn, get on that stink bug post!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!