Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cats, entranced

"Psssst! Alex! I hear there are tasty treats outside that window!"


"Naomi, it's true. The Great Mothercat (aka Knatolee) has been luring these feathered potential cat-snacks to the windowsill with birdseed!"

 "But Alex, I just can't seem to catch any of them. Every time one of those delicious-looking chickadees comes up to the window, I throw myself at it and end up smacking against this stupid invisible wall. And now those succulent winged morsels aren't even scared of me. See? That one was flaunting herself right in front of my nose! What I wouldn't give to crunch THAT between my kitty fangs!"

 "Geeeez... exactly how much catnip did you snort today? When are you two idiots going to learn what a window is? And we're indoor cats! I haven't tasted a songbird since my free and easy feral days. You two need to learn to relax and lounge in the sunlight, like MOI! Besides, if you want to catch a tasty morsel, there's plenty o' mice in the basement. But the Great Catmother doesn't like it when we leave severed heads in front of the washing machine. Don't piss off the Great Catmother. She has the keys to the kibble bag."

"Oh Julius, you are so wise. Not to mention. annoying. Way to destroy a kitty's dream! C'mon, Naomi. Let's go shred some more of that ugly wallpaper the Great Catmother hates so much..."


  1. Awww... the cute kittys! :)

  2. Anonymous2:36 pm

    "Keeper of the keys to the kibble bag" is a position of great power indeed.

  3. LOL!!! that was fun! smacking against the invisible wall...adorable!

  4. Julius is indeed wise. I wish he could pass his wisdom to my three... then I wouldn't constantly have to clean kitty nose prints off the window

  5. Julius is certainly a wise old fellow!

  6. Angel, they aim to please!

    H. insciens, I try not to abuse my power, but sometimes I fail. :)

    Jennifer, the cats are a lot of laughs, except when they are walking on my full bladder and biting my chin at 6:00 am....

    Wandering Cat, Julius shares his wisdom with no human!

    Jams, he is indeed.

  7. Too funny! I love it:)

  8. The dogs sleep in my office at night, and now every morning when we get up, Alex is waiting at the door to get in there.


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