Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely Lunch at Limes Cafe

Yesterday I met up with my friend (and fellow artist and blogger) Ronna, and we ventured into deepest, darkest Vankleek Hill, which, being Ontario's gingerbread capital (the wood trim on houses, not the cookies) is really more light and airy than deep and dark!

Was that sentence complex enough for you?

We decided to try out the Limes Cafe, which neither of us had visited before. Here is the Divine Miss Ronna posing out front:

Ronna had a nice cup of coffee, and I had a narse cuppa tea, in this very cute elephant teapot:

When I heard the owner's English accent, I knew I was going to get a decent cuppa, which I rarely do when dining out in North America.

 For lunch, I had a very nice broccoli and cheese soup, and chicken/cheese/pesto panini. Yum!

Ronna had a great-looking mushroom quiche with salad. Had I not had quiche the night before, I would have tried this myself!  The lunch was yummy and homemade.

We couldn' t resist a little dessert. Although there was some very tempting cakes and pies and squares, I was too full to have anything more than a delicious chocolate chip/orange cookie:

Ronna had another cup of Joe and a chocolate biscotti:

The cafe is sunny and tastefully-decorated with lots of places to sit:

And being the blog-aholics we are, of course we both brought cameras. Here's a picture of Ronna...

 ...taking a picture of me! (Which I stole from her blog, which has more great pictures of our fun outing yesterday!)

Future luncheon outings to Vankleek Hill are planned. Thanks Ronna!


  1. Yum-o! You took some nice ambience pix. I think I was too busy eating!! What fun. Let's do it again soon.

  2. Anonymous8:46 am

    Lime's Cafe is a delightful place to eat in The Gingerbread Capital. Glad to here you loved it. Mary's Country Kitchen is a lovely place to's my absolute favourite. I always make my dog's grooming appointment to coincide with lunch time so that I can treat myself.

  3. Andrée, I looooooooooove Mary's! But you know they are in the process of moving to bigger digs down the street? The old place is closed at the moment. I can't wait until they reopen! I always bring stuff home when we eat at Mary's (soup, chicken pie, baking, etc etc)

    Ronna, I am looking forward to the next outing!

  4. The new Mary's, perhaps?

  5. I love seeing your food from Ronna's angle and Ronna's food from your angle! What fun!!

  6. I'm hiring Gordon to sue you and Ronna for posting tempting food menus which I cannot resist but which are not accessible in my area. The emotional damage to heart and mind cannot be described. Hope your hens and bees will work hard to produce enough money for the sufferer and lawyer.


  7. Anonymous12:37 am

    Now I'm hungry. That food looked wonderful.

  8. You two look like mad hatters at a tea party.

  9. Ronna, yes! I wonder when they open?

    Marcia, I think the owner thought the paparazzi had arrived. :)

    CLaude, sorry to torment you so. The bees will have to work a long time to pay my legal bills! :D

    CogDis, it was fresh and tasty and much fun.

    And Fran, I think you've pegged us. Someone should do a painting of that!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!