Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pink and black and white and yummy...

Have you ever tried dragonfruit?

I have seen it for sale in Chinatown, and occasionally in city grocery stores, but the other day I found it in our local small-town grocery store (the YIG, aka Your Independent Grocer)! The produce manager was busy convincing a middle-aged woman (not me!) to try one. The last time I ate dragonfruit was in Cambodia in 2004 (very specific, eh?) so I decided to bring one home too.

When it's ripe, the flesh should have some give, like a ripe kiwi fruit. In fact, I find the taste of dragonfruit similar to kiwi.

It's a visually stunning fruit, all magenta and green on the outside, black and white on the inside. First you cut the fruit in half.

Scoop out each half with a spoon, remove any pink skin still stuck to it, and cut the halves into chunks. Eat. Yum!


You can read more about dragonfruit on Wikipedia.
And here's a short Toronto Star article on it.

I also bought some red-skinned bananas yesterday, which I find a bit more flavourful than the yellow ones. Brings back memories of our trips to hotter climes.


  1. It looks so good!!! I have never seen any around where I live. If I ever see one, I will try it! You have convinced me that it is good!

  2. It's always good to try new things. Those dragonfruit look nice!

  3. Never tried it! Thanks for the introduction to a new food!

  4. I've seen it but never tried it. I must give it a go

  5. Anonymous12:34 pm

    When I saw that first pic I thought of Audrey II, the monster plant, in "Little Shop of Horrors." I almost heard it say "Feed me!!"

    Bet it's tasty, though.

  6. I've seen these in some markets around the city but I've never tried it. I love the colors! Have you ever seen (smelled) Durian fruit? Because of the smell I don’t particularly want to eat it but apparently if you get past the smell it tastes good.

  7. I saw it today at the grocery store and wasn't sure if I should buy it or not. Now you've convinced me!!

  8. It doesn't have a really strong taste. I think it would look pretty in front salad. Apparently there are other varieties of dragon fruit with a stronger taste. Definitely kiwi-like!

  9. TTPT, it's definitely Audrey-esque!

  10. David, I have got to try durian sometime! I have seen it for sale in Chinatown, but I first saw in on our honeymoon back in 1993. We were travelling in southeast Asia and I remember getting a bus with a sign in front that said "No durians!" We also stayed a hotel that forbid you to bring durians into the room. I was too chicken to try them but the next time I get a chance, I'm going to! :)

  11. Ronna, it is one freaky-looking fruit, isn't it?

  12. I've had Dragon Fruit many times, but I'm usually disappointed by the taste. To me it's a bit like a very watery radish.

    And NB had a bag of Durian flavoured candies. His off-handed comment was that it tasted only a little bit like vomit.

  13. Anonymous12:36 am

    My daughter and I went to Hawaii several years ago and bought a bunch of fruit at the farmer's market, including dragon fruit. I had never tried it before. Delicious!

  14. prettier on the inside than the outside.....outside it looks like a boil!

  15. I forgot to mention what a nice knife that looks like in the pictures.


  16. Anonymous10:45 am

    I'm going to have to speak to the produce folks at our supermarket. You have dragonfruit, red-skinned bananas, and free health insurance?

  17. Anonymous3:51 pm

    thought this was about 'Good-n-Plenty's hahhaha.

  18. HWB, I am mustering up the courage to try a durian candy. Stay tuned!

    COgDis: Hawaii, sigh... tropical fruit, sigh...

    John, as you are a nurse, I will allow your boil diagnosis. However it was quite a tasty boil!

    Marylee, we do indeed! And in a rural area, even. :) We have a good little hospital ten minutes from here, too.

    Good one, Anon!


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