Monday, December 12, 2011

Wee chickadee

Apologies if I posted this one already. I spent a few hours today shovelling poopy straw out of duck houses. Not only do I smell bad, my brain is fried. One wagon-load and five wheel-barrow-loads later, here I am with my larger biceps. You wanna be strong like bull? Be a farmer.  I went to yoga today too so I'm ready to rock the world. Or fall asleep on the couch with some Advil.

But I digress. Here's another felted piece I made recently and listed in my Etsy shop...

This was inspired by the trip we took to Amherst Island last February, where we hand-fed chickadees galore.

For my British friends, chickadees are very much like your Blue Tits.

I need to crash on the couch and knit. I am making a scarf for my friend for Christmas and uh, I am running out of time. Hope you all are having a most fantabulous Monday, and have done something more interesting than shovelling duck excrement!


  1. I always smell of poop but mother says that it has nothing to do with ducks.

    Where are your staff???

  2. It's a little beauty. Being British I would still want to call it a Tit though

  3. Anonymous3:36 pm

    British people have blue tits? Who knew!

  4. That's gorgeous, you're very talented.

  5. Anonymous6:55 pm

    There are Blue Tits here in Scotland in winter, but mostly well hidden. We also have some Great Tits, although these are less common, but much sought out by those keen on spotting such things (often armed with binoculars). A lot of Big Tits are around here too (some would say they are in the majority, actually)

  6. I've seen Tits, but what I would like to see more of is Boobies!

  7. Argh, I am so behind on responding to comments!

    Owl Wood, my staff are all SLACKING OFF!

    Jams, you can call it whatever you want.

    CogDis, it's very cold over there at times!

    LBM, thank so much.

    Andrew, we have lots of Big Tits in government here.

    HWB, what will I do with you?


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!