Friday, December 16, 2011

The last of the Secret Spy Diary

I am sorry to say that this is the last of my Secret Spy Diary from 1975. Sadly, my devotion to life as a spy lasted only 15 days. How I wish there were more. I think perhaps it's time to start a 2012 Spy Diary!

The content becomes sparser and less exciting towards the end...

March 12: My hair has never been so matted as now now now now!

My hair was down past my shoulders at this point in time and I hated it when my mother brushed it, because she was too rough with tangles. My Dad, on the other hand, made an art form of hair-brushing. When I was at his place, I'd sit on the floor in front of him and he'd go at my hair for 15-20 minutes straight as we watched TV. He used the same square black paddle brush that whipped is own short hair into shape every morning. He was gentle and patient and I have fond memories of the care he took. For a manly kind of man, he had quite the soft spot for me!

March 18: I am exhausted!

March 24: I am BORED!

March 31: Zandra Briggs is a pig.

Exhaustion and boredom do not exciting subject matter make! And poor Zandra. I don't think I disliked her, rather I think I just enjoyed rhyming her surname with "pig." Sorry, Zandra!


Paranoid much?

March 18: I am going to spy. Mum gabs a lot. When I go beneath my head, I very often hit my head.

Sounds like desperation in the search for subject matter to me. Plus I liked to write poetry as a kid.

And so it ended! My career as an eleven-year-old secret spy (isn't that redundant?) was brief and thrilling, but sputtered out like a candle wick drowning in melted wax. 

If only I had written more...


  1. I've really enjoyed this mini-series!

    Have you checked for postings done in invisible ink?

  2. Fifteen days about the average life expectancy for a "00" agent in the field. Most of them take better care of their hair though.

  3. Elaine, I remember LONGING for invisible ink as a kid, but I don't believe I ever got my hands on any!

    Owl Wood, I was always a mess as a kid. My Mum would fix me up and I'd go straight outside and get dirt all over me. I was born to live on a farm...

  4. I've enjoyed this :) It's amazing what we write about as kids. I have a few things from when I was a kid but not anything really personal like your spy diary.

  5. I discover that I liked me before puberty slapped me into somebody else. I like this little spy very much, too. We'd have been partners in crime.

  6. Your light only flickered at 11 years of are shining brightly now. Thanks for sharing some of your youth with us. I think you were and are very charming.

  7. What a shame you spying fizzled out!

  8. It has touches of Le Clarre. Well done.

  9. Johanna, I wish I had more!! I will have to dig around and see if I can find any else. i do have some notes I passed in high school that I need to check out.

    Nance, I like my little spy self too. You and I would have had fun together as girls!

    Paula, that was very kind and sweet. Thank you! :)

    LBM, I really think I should take it up again!

    James, thank you!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!