Friday, December 09, 2011

Mr. Barred Owl

More of the new stuff in my Etsy shop. Here's what I wrote about this Barred Owl.

A few years ago, a Barred owl started showing up at night in the apple tree outside our kitchen window. At first we were amazed that an owl would come so close to the house. He would sit quietly in the tree as I took photos of him. After a few nocturnal visits by our avian friend, we realized that the goldfish population in our nearby pond was slowly dwindling! A quick internet search revealed that yes, Barred owls DO occasionally dine on goldfish. This little artwork depicts Mr. Barred Owl scheming on how to procure his next golden meal. Freeloader!



  1. And what a handsome fellow he or she is!

  2. Beautifully done!

  3. thank you for your sweet comments xx

  4. That reminds me of when we first moved to this house and we opened the bedroom curtains one morning to see a heron on the coal shed roof. We'd never seen one so close before and we thought it was great.
    When we went out later we found dead fish floating in the pond which was nearly empty of water! The heron had waded in and punctured the pond liner with it's claws.

  5. Love the owl! A work of art and useful too! Beautiful!

  6. I'm still shocked you sat next to a duck meatball!

  7. Anonymous8:40 am

    Beautiful and well fed!

  8. He's a handsome one. When I was little we had a couple of owls around the house. They would hoot, and I'd hoot and they'd answer.

    When we moved to the city, I was sad to lose my owls - but a few years later I was walking home late one night and something swopped down and almost knocked me in the head - it was a tiny little brown owl - he was going after a scrawny little city mouse and I stepped into his attack path.

  9. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Wonder how many goldfish it would take to fill up an owl?! But I suppose that if a person can feel full after a can of sardines..!

    I think they're mysterious and beautiful. I love your pictures! You did him proud!

  10. I like owl stories this has brought up!

  11. Hope my owl works out as well as yours! :) Love this guy.

  12. Hi there. Well your Barred Owl is very magical! I love your post. I live in Toronto, Canada, and this past weekend, my wife, Jean, and I came upon a (live) Barred Owl in Rouge National Park, near Markham, Ontario. This was the second time in six weeks that we have come upon, and filmed, an owl out in the wilds. The first was a Saw-Whet Owl. Prior to these two sightings, we had never seen an owl in its natural habitat. Needless to say, it has been an exciting six weeks. Our pictures and video of the Barred Owl sighting are posted on our blog at:

    Our pictures and video of the Saw-Whet Owl sighting are at:

    1. Wow, those photos are spectacular! ANd I love your blog!!


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