Saturday, December 03, 2011

Duck ducky duckies!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my DUCK LIMERICK CONTEST!! I can't see that sucker getting judged until sometime in January, but please do enter. I have had a great time reading all your fantastic limericks. I still don't know what prizes will be awarded, but you'll get something! :)

To inspire you, here are some duck photos I took the other day.

Handsome Hannibal, who now gets it on with my arm on a regular basis (or my back, if I make the mistake of squatting down with him anywhere behind me!) These attempts make me laugh uproariously, which no doubt damages Hannibal's self-esteem. C'est la vie!

They always run to me when I show up in the barn, because they hope I'm packing treats.

 Amy Winehouse, of the cracked beak, who needs a new name...

...because "she" is huge and there is no way she's a girl!!! Love that white ruff.

This one is huge too and unnamed as of yet.  The purple on his wing is Blu-Kote (gentian violet) from a couple of weeks back when his pinfeathers were being gnawed. I am afraid to say this for fear of jinxing things, but we've now gone two weeks without any cannibalism.

Love that "Soon to be renamed" Amy! A very sweet duck.

And here's Squishy, aka Squishamaroo, who survived being stepped on by Gordon as a wee duckling. I think Squishy is a boy, and I still think he deserves a better name. He's doing well but to be frank, his whole body seems  a little "off-axis." I think the near-death incident left him a little deformed, but he seems healthy and happy.

Here's Hannibal again. His markings are very similar to Squishy's. I have a feeling Hannibal is going to end up as top duck.

He is super handsome and he knows it!

The ducks LOVE a treat of scratch feed. I spilled a bit on the barn floor and they quickly cleaned it up.

They are voracious eaters and Gordon figured out today how much we are spending on organic duck feed. Let's just say it costs more to feed 17 pet ducks than it does two large dogs!!! (Our dogs are on a raw meat diet.) Still, I couldn't bear to turn any of them into Christmas dinner, even though our local farmers' co-op is selling ducks for Christmas for $37.50 a piece! (I expect Andrew, who regularly salivates over duck delicacies, to chime in here.)

Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous9:38 am

    The handsome ones must take after their human daddy, don't you think?


  2. Inspiration indeed. Sorry I've been so lax in posting dirty limericks, Knat!

  3. Amy, Amos--whatever! I used to love duck...I guess I still do, only uneaten.

  4. Oh dear. It seems Hannibal has a human fetish. You're taking his affections so patiently!

  5. I refuse to pen another duck ditty:
    The ones I did earlier weren't too witty.
    But you must admit that most were legal,
    And didn't feature a single bald eagle.
    Which is good.

  6. So you wish an ode ala duck
    I'd have to say you're in luck
    For the limerick is king
    Such an artistic thing
    Until the last line....then I'm stuck

  7. Anonymous6:50 pm

    I had no idea ducks were so amorous. That Hannibal is a ducky hottie. : )

  8. Yes, dear G, they take after their handsome human daddy.

    Jams, no problemo!

    Katnip, some guy I had lunch with yesterday picked the DUCK PASTA for lunch!! I was appalled.

    Ahab, I thought Charlie was bad. Hannibal is worse. It won't be pretty come spring.

    Owl Wood, not to worry, I like eagle ditties too!

    Musical Gardener, you're doing just fine!

    CogDis, boy ducks are TOTAL HORNDOGS!!! Worse than roosters.


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!