Saturday, December 31, 2011

Need a special calendar?

If you're looking for a calendar for the new year, might I suggest the most excellent Fancy Chicks calendar put out by the Poultry Club of Great Britain?

They even ship to Canada! (Just email the club to ask for details.) The calendar features 12 lady club members displaying their chickens in the buff (make of that statement what you will!) It goes from weird to wonderful and will definitely get attention if you hang it on the wall of your office cubicle, or perhaps the barn door...

Nice, original calendar design too.  Highly recommended, the proceeds go to the Poultry Club of Great Britain. Get your calendar here!

For the record, no, I will not be producing my own calendar although come to think of it, that could be a way for me to raise money for duck feed...


  1. Oh, just go for it while you still can ;-) Deb

  2. Come on, Nat.
    YOU CAN DO IT.:-)

    Happy New Year.

  3. Wow what hot chicks! You have a husband who must have t least a few minute\s peace. I would suggest a hunky Gordon calendar!

  4. You could put you egg cards into a calendar!

  5. I volunteer to take the pictures,too.:-)

  6. Just when I thought I'd seen everything!! What a calendar!

  7. Deb, I dunno!

    WIllie, no freaking way. And I will pass on your kind offer.

    Jams, I like your idea a lot!

    Wandering Cat, that's really a great idea!

    Frannie, we could do a Hot Chicks of Art Fayre calendar!

  8. Anonymous12:04 am

    I'm actually tempted to buy one of those. Hilarious!!!


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