Monday, December 05, 2011

More toasty creations!

More of Gordon's kitchen creativity...

Bunk beds? High rise? Intergalactic landing platform? I have no idea.


Okay, so, this was supposed to be a bat, but I thought it looked more like an inuksuk.

Other breakfasts in our household are not so attractive. When Gordon got up this morning, he flicked on the bathroom light to find Julius (our fluffy orange 11-year-old kitty) dining on a disembowelled mouse. Gordon turned off the light and used the bathroom downstairs, although he did promise me he'd clean up the bloodshed later. So it turns out at least one cat is earning his keep! It also explains why Julius never seems to have much interest in the breakfast we serve him...


  1. Good for Julius. Usually it is the female cats that work. As far as your breakfasts, Gordon is very creative and knows how to use his free time. The retired-guy needs to see this.

  2. Clever Julius! Wonderful Gordon!

  3. Gordon is a modern master. Get him an exhibition NOW!

  4. Oh and I'm glad to see Julius earning his keep. Our three males don't bother hunting. It's Bebe who does the mousing here

  5. Gordon may create a new art trend. In the meantime he's raising the bar for husbands everywhere. It's a good thing Mike is making chili for dinner tonight ...

  6. Watch out for mouse tails on your toast!

  7. Gordon was well raised by his mother! (I always take credit when my daughter-in-law, and the girl friend, mention my two sons' accomplishments.)

    I must admit Gordon's Art is much beyond the call to duty.

    Julius is sending a strong message to the MouseKingdom. Hope it gets through.

  8. I must say, Gordon's toast creations are a masterpiece in small scale art installations!

    Breakfast is never dull in your household. I guess this is what they mean by keeping the marriage "fresh" ? LOL.

    Claude. I like your style! Take all the credit!


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