Saturday, November 05, 2011


My husband continues to exercise his creativity with my morning toast...

He said this could be a porcupine, or a forest after a fire. Almond butter will never be the same again!

I thought this one looked like a butterfy!

And this is allegedly a "certified woodlot."

And a big THANK YOU to all of you who are submitting limericks to the Duck Limerick contest. Clearly we will be awarding more than one prize! You're all so creative and hilarious!!


  1. Gordon's got one hell of an imagination.

  2. Almost a pity to eat that toast!

  3. Wow, a husband who can cook! (Just teasing)

    Who would have thought so many people could have so much fun from writing limericks. It's great fun, so thank you!

  4. I think Gordon just might be Certifiable!

  5. Anonymous10:54 am

    Gordon is raising the bar for husbands all across the globe!

  6. Way to go, Gordon! When we were first married Randy used to make me toast every morning, but never as creative as your toast!!! :)

  7. LBM, I think he needs to find a better creative outlet than toast. All that creativity!

    Angel, I agree.

    Pear Tree Log, I got him young and trained him well. He's a very good cook now; more than just toast! And thank you for all your GREAT limericks.

    Katnip, if Gordon is certifiable then I'm in a straitjacket. :) He's the sane half of the marriage!

    Cog Dis, the bar isn't set very high, is it? ;)

    Lynn, this toast sculpture is a new thing!


Thank you for all your comments, which I love to read!